Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cup-a-Cup-a-Cup Cobbler

Blackberry Cobbler.

My husband's favorite and mine second behind peach.

Kroger had a great sale on berries this week so I grabbed two pints to officially kick off this warm weather season with our first cobbler of the year! This recipe is so easy and is actually one of very few that I can recall from memory. I grew up eating cobbler with the lattice crust which is absolutely WONDERFUL, but this one is different, much easier and equally delightful.

Start out with this short list of ingredients:

Stir together a cup each of milk, self-rising flour and sugar. Get the name now?

Then whisk in a stick of melted butter and pour into a greased casserole dish. You could use 8x8 or slightly bigger. I always use my "slightly smaller than a 9x13 and have never taken the time to measure" favorite green ceramic dish. :)

WAIT! What about the blackberries? Well...they go on top!

The crust magically rises (hence, the self-rising flour) during baking and the fruit sinks to the bottom. Brilliant.

Now throw it in the oven...

This is halfway through...

Now it's bubbly and brown and ready!

It reminds me a little of bread pudding since the crust is not necessarily "crusty".

You could top it with ice cream like the rest of my crew, but I'm a purist when it comes to fruity desserts. Just hand me a spoon.

At our house, this cobbler is best served warm, eaten on the deck and in your pajamas!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Bums

Dusty and I kept saying all weekend, "This is the PERFECT time of year to be at the beach!". The weather was beautiful and it was not crowded since school is not yet out. We stayed in Orange Beach with my in-laws at their condo from Wednesday through Sunday and had a blast!

Dusty and his dad had originally planned a deep sea fishing trip for the end of last week but the Alabama fishing waters were officially closed last Tuesday due to the oil spill. We headed down anyway to enjoy a long weekend and I'm so glad we did. The oil has not made it to the Alabama shores and we are praying that it never does. You would never know anything had ever happened. We enjoyed to ocean and the seafood with no worries.

It's so funny, but each year, it seems like the girls experience the beach and ocean for the first time all over again. This is Libby's fourth beach season and each year, we re-introduce it to her and it was a thrill to get to see both of their reactions to sand and sun.

We figured out that Annie could use water wings and was not afraid of the water at all! She jumped off the side of the pool and would go completely under the water. She would come up beaming and ready to climb the stairs and do it again.

Libby was a little more reserved and always kept her Puddle Jumper on. That thing worked great! It kept her afloat higher above the surface of the water than regular wings.

I wish they made them in a smaller size for Annie.

An unexpected joy of our trip was having the girls share a room for four days. They have bunked together before when we have traveled, but there was something about this trip. They both rested fine for naps and nighttime, but hearing them wake up and talk and sing together in the morning was such a blessing. Neither woke up fussy, but seemed to enjoy having their sissy sleeping nearby. I have always envisioned Libby and Annie sharing a room when they are older, so I am glad they seemed to enjoy it this weekend.

We soaked up the sun, ate good food and hung out with Grams and Poppa.

This also meant built-in babysitters, so Dusty and I were able to go on a date and spend time at the beach just the two of us. Always good.

We enjoyed our time so much. So much...we are going back again this weekend! I know, I kind of feel like a bum, but we had no real plans for the holiday weekend and Dusty's parents told us that the condo had not been rented, so we are repacking and are heading back down on Friday. I feel compelled to get a lot done this week around the house and try eat healthy so I don't turn into a complete beach bum. Although, there are worse things to be...

Lastly, construction started this morning on our bonus room!

It is scheduled to be completed in three weeks.
Paint color? Lighting? Furniture?
Not a clue.
Looking forward to this project!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Short Week

Here are Libby's naked windows...

and now they are dressed!

These box pleat valances have been in the works for several months - for several reasons. When it comes to fabric, I always think I'm going to find something else that I like, so I have trouble committing. When I saw this pattern I just went for it. It's called Zydeco Pastel!

A very sweet lady here in town did the construction and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. She even threw in a pillow for the bed, that as you can see, needs to be made. Next windows.

Libby's last ballet class was on Monday.

She has enjoyed this year, but she hasn't decided if she wants to go back in the fall. She talks about gymnastics, but I really don't think she knows what that is. Couple that with her mother's fear of her falling off gym apparatus and we may be signing up for art class :)

A package came in the mail yesterday. iPlay sunhats!

I bought one last year for Annie and loved it so much that I ordered more for both girls this summer. They wash and wear great, are SPF 50+ and the brims are really wide so they protect their faces and necks.

I had pumped it up that the mailman had delivered some very special surprises!

They were really excited.

Minnie Pearl was especially thrilled.

This morning we are busy packing for our trip to Orange Beach and looking for my car keys. I have torn the house apart and still have had no luck locating my ONLY set. This has made for a trying morning to say the least. I'm sure they will be recovered in a location only a 17 month old could think of...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Family and Old Friends

It is very quiet in my house. Everyone is napping right now. We had a fun 48 hours in Hartselle but may need a lazy Sunday to recuperate from it all.

Our first stop on Friday was in Montgomery to meet Dusty as he drove back up from a business trip in Pensacola. We had a few minutes to kill, so I took the girls to Petland at Eastchase. FYI, for toddlers and preschoolers, this is a free and easy alternative to the zoo! After lunch at Zoe's with Daddy, we made our way to Hartselle to see Papa, Grams, Cici and Maggie!

These two girls just love each other.

Saturday was Dusty's 15 year high school reunion! That morning was the first of two events; a family picnic at a park in Hartselle.

We had a great time. The girls had a blast running around with the other HHS kiddos :)

It was really warm and before I posted these pictures I honestly thought about "photoshopping" the pink sunburn off of their little arms and cheeks so that I wouldn't seem like such a negligent mom that didn't pack the SPF. But here they are, in all their sun kissed glory!

That evening we attended a first in our Adoption Celebration! Dusty's aunt and uncle adopted their two precious girls officially last Wednesday and we gathered at their church with friends and family to celebrate Yuri and Gigi GARNETT!

The process has been ongoing for the last two years since they first became their foster parents but the Lord has been so faithful as so many people prayed for them and this day. It was such a picture of God's heart to see these sweet girls complete Chris and Amy's family.

Libby thought the "dop-shun" party was so much fun. She and Yuri are just two months apart in age!

We then made our way to the second part of the Reunion, a party for the Class of 1995and spouses! We enjoyed a night out at Burning Tree Country Club in Decatur and it always hilarious to listen to these two reminisce about the good ole' days and their classmates. Thank you, Scott, for putting together a great party!

There were some revivals of high school cheers and they all voted on "superlatives". Very cute. Funny to see a "George Clooney Award" given out at a 15 year reunion for the classmate with the grayest hair - yikes!

I always enjoy times when I get to see a glimpse of what Dusty was like growing up. I think we would have been friends. I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with the guy who received the "Daughters of the American Revolution Citizen of the Year Award"???

Yeah, he's still got it...

Go Tigers!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Today was the last day of preschool.

The kids did a great end of the year singing program and then we had a luncheon for all the classes and their families. The theme again this year was "Bring Your Child's Favorite Food". You can imagine all of the macaroni and cheese and cupcakes that graced our buffet. Lib requested the same dish that we brought last year. Paula Deen's recipe for Baked Garlic Cheese Grits. Not sure about THIS creepy face...but the grits were good, ya'll!

Libby said goodbye to her precious teacher. Mrs. Jessica starts her new job as a Mommy in the fall and she won't be coming back to school. We will miss her!

As we were leaving today, Libby had a slight meltdown when she realized it was all over.

She thought this might slow down the process and allow her linger a little while longer...

But she perked back up when I told her that now there would more time to play outside!

In other news, we went to the pool for the first time yesterday. The weather was perfect and the water really was comfortable. The girls had fun and I was exhausted when we got home. This summer will be very different than the last now that Annie is toddling. I need a couple extra sets of eyes and a few more arms. This is why there are no pics from our pool day. Trying to decide on the right flotation "suit" for Annie this year. She is going to need something to wear all the time so that I don't have a stroke every time we go to the pool.

Leaving for Hartselle tomorrow to go to two very special events! Be back soon with the update!