Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roommate Play date

We had a wonderful visit this week from some very dear friends. Jen and Hayden came down from Atlanta and spent the night with us. Both of our husbands were out of town this week, so what a perfect excuse for a roommate Play date! I think I will always refer to Jen as roommate since we spent three of our four years of college together in our dorm and "cool girl" Garden District apartment. It is always so much fun to spend time with them and let our kiddos play together. We were remembering how we always talked about that when we started families, we hoped our kids would be close in age...I love when plan comes together!

The kids really played nonstop and we only left the house once to go to Kids Eat Free Night at Moe's downtown. We also HAD to introduce Jen and Hayden to Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt across from Samford Hall. If you are local, you must try it. Self-serve frozen yogurt... it is dangerously good.

The girls just loved having a little boy to play with and it was so neat to see the things that a little guy is interested in. He quickly found anything with wheels and I realized that we do, in fact, have some cool "boy" toys and not everything we own has a picture of a princess plastered across it.

Hayden will be two on the fourth of July! Annie loved to twirl his hair. Isn't he just dreamy?

Annie and Baby Hay-Hay also found that they have a lot in common. Besides being about the same height and sharing an insatiable craving for bananas, they both have Mommys who insist they nap in sleep sacks and they even like to walk around in them too!

We thought about making them compete in a sleep sack race :)

I love that our friendship is now spanning generations! Watching our little ones play together is precious. Jen is such a good mama and I'm so glad we are able to go through this stage of life together. We can't wait for another play date!

After they left (and both girls shed a few tears missing Baby Hay-Hay) we spent the rest of the day playing hair salon...

and breaking in the new BONUS ROOM!

It's finally finished, with the exception of a couple trim and paint details. If you're wondering, I exhausted my paint search and we ended up going with Nevious by Benjamin Moore. The girls have simply enjoyed running in circles in the empty space. I guess I shouldn't be in a big hurry to get furniture!

We are so thankful for this addition to our house and the Lord's provision and timing. It is my prayer that it will bless our kids and be a place for them to pretend, read, learn, and spend time with our family and friends. I can already envision slumber parties, movie nights, lots of giggles and many days of play!

We head to Hartselle this weekend for a visit and will spend Saturday at Smith Lake. Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mini Masterpieces

Me: So Libby, this week you get to go to Art Camp! Are you excited?!?!

Libby: YES!!! Are we going to roast marshmallows and sleep outside?


After a little clarification, she was actually really excited about going to her very first summer camp!

This three day (morning) camp for 4-6 year olds was put on by the Auburn Art Association at the Jan Demsey Community Art Center. I was really impressed with the program! Libby and 22 other little artists were able to get actual art appreciation and hands-on instruction from local art students. The director is an art professor at Auburn and was able to teach the kids about textures, mediums, vocabulary words and other elements of art - of course, on a little kid level!

Yesterday was the last day, and they put on an exhibit to showcase all the work they had done at camp. Libby was so proud of her pieces. We walked around to the different rooms to see each project, just like a real art exhibit! This week they "studied" the works of Spanish artists. We received a handout explaining how they made each piece and the inspiration behind each one - impressive!

Amate Paintings Inspired Animal Collage

Terra Cotta Clay Original Sols

Notice her sun has a sad face in a sea of cute happy ones? Trying not to read too much into that one...

Joan Miro Inspired Fottages (Crayon Rubbings)

Fabric Weaving

Libby's randomly had Easter bunny fabric woven into it. I'm sure that would be the first scrap she would grab. "Under, over, under, over, under...that's how you do it!" she said.

Shapes Inspired by Gaudi Houses (a Spanish architect)

Annie was especially inspired by these...

'El Sol' Collages

Jumping up to show me her "sol"

She had a great time and has already said she'd like to go back for another session. If Libby has any natural art talent, it did not come from her parents. I'm glad my baby got to take a break from chlorinated hair and sunscreen to get a little culture this summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Cakes

If there is anything better in this world than cream cheese icing, I would like to know what it is.

I made these Hummingbird cupcakes for a baby shower for my friend Randi. She is expecting her third little boy very soon!

The recipe is from Paula Deen Celebrates! which is one of my favorite cookbooks. The recipes are divided into menus designed around major holidays. Killer recipes with, of course, obscene amounts of butter.

I tinted the icing a light baby blue, but since cream cheese and butter are not exactly white, the finished product came out a little more teal. They were topped with royal icing daisies that I made ahead of time and just plopped on top. I accidentally left out the chopped pecans from the cake, but decided that they were just as good without them, especially in cupcake form.

We had a great time last night celebrating Baby Myers at Amsterdam's.

Bellies full of babies and Hummingbird Cake!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Loving summer...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Slipping, Sliding and Selling

This week had been a very good one. We are defiantly in full summer swing around here. At the least the weather says is sweltering!
So, what's the perfect thing to do when you can't stand the heat?

Slip N' Slide.

I bought one at the end of the season last year at Target for a whopping $5 and Libby had spotted it in the garage months ago and has been begging to try it out. Poor thing, little did she know she would have to wait in line behind the slip and slide KING!

Libby actually loved watching Daddy's moves and was so tickled every time he wiped out.

Annie did more slipping than sliding and was the winner of the wet t-shirt contest :)

I almost deleted this one, but then noticed Lib mischeviouly giving Daddy a smack on the bottom! Love it.

I also took the girls to the pool a couple of mornings this week. They are getting so comfortable in the water. Libby is swimming (w/ arm floaties) with her face under the water and holding her breath. Annie is not afraid to jump off the side either! It's a perfect way to cool off and wear them out.
Sometimes, we barely make it through lunch...

We spent Wednesday morning at the library for Preschool story time and Libby was able to use her brand new library card. Kids have to be three to apply for one so she thought she was big stuff while checking out her books. We've all fallen in love with Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird. I think it is the story of Libby's life! I highly recommend it for dancing daughters!

Annie has learned the word BOOK. It sounds pretty close to her word for BUG, but when she hands me a book and turns around and backs up into my lap, I can figure it out.

So...the bonus room.

There was a bit of a delay on finishing the sheet rocking while we were gone, so it will still be a few more days until it is completed. Fortunately, this gives me more time to agonize over this paint color. I've had the same 4 color chips on my counter all week, and I walk by and stress over it several times a day.

I've narrowed it down to Valspar's Woodrow Wilson Presidential White, and Benjamin Moore's Navajo White, Grand Teton White, or Nevious. Dusty has a political opinion about the first one, and even Libby is getting a little frustrated with my selections.

We are finishing out the week with our neighborhood yard sale! There will be over twenty houses participating and it will start bright and early at 6:00 in the morning. We had a moving sale last summer and sold a TON but there was still stuff that I would run across and ask myself, "Why did we move this???". I've been scrounging through the house and sticking price tags to everything.

I'm keeping to the rule that if I haven't put my hand on it or thought about it in a year, it can be sold.

I'll be back soon with an update and hopefully a little extra jingle in my pocket!