Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Love Game Day

The Tigerettes!

All the kids in their "forest house". They had a ball collecting acorns and sticks for their kids-only zone.

Libby and Reid got to spend the weekend playing together!
"He's a cool boy, Mom."

Coach had to call a time-out for a diaper change!

Chow time.

Silly sissy...

Libby and new buddy, June.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jack-O-Lantern Lane

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the pumpkin patch at Jack-O-Lantern Lane on Sunday evening. While the temps were far from chilly for October, we got into the spirit of the season by going on a hayride, choosing pumpkins and getting up close and personal with some furry friends!

A pumpkin prayer...

Our new pal Billy

These precious babies were our favorite part.

Just too much cuteness!

Learning to shell corn the old fashioned way.

Annie thought the baby cow was "tinky!"

All together now..."E-I-E-I-OHHHH!"

Happy Fall, Ya'll!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Fun Finds

If you are a mom with messy kids (crumbs EVERYWHERE?) or you're always looking for fast ways to get dinner on the table, you will think these two items qualify as fun...

First, McCormick Recipe Inspirations. You've probably seen the commercial. They are pre-measured spice packets with a recipe card on the back of the package. They were an impulse buy when I was in the baking aisle at Kroger, but for $1.69 it was worth the inspiration for a new dinner idea. They have several different varieties, but I chose Rosemary Roasted Chicken and Potatoes.

Yes, I probably already own all of these spices individually.

Yes, it is probably more expensive to buy them pre-measured.

Yes, I fell for the gimmick.

But, dinner was good!

There is something fun about these little kits. Dusty agreed that the flavors were right on and it took less than 5 minutes to prep everything. The recipe called for using chicken thighs, but split chicken breasts were on sale, so that's what I went with. Give these little packets a try!

The second find was actually found by my Mom. Meet the Slipper Genie!

She bought these at TJ Maxx or Ross (I think). A bunny slipper meets a duster! They are pretty self-explanatory, but have been great for scooting around the corners and baseboards of my hardwoods which usually always have "bunnies"

These are actually the kid version but since they are a little big on Libby, I've gotten some good use out of them too!

After you've skated through your house, the microfiber bottoms velcro off and can be thrown in the washing machine. Genius!

Be back soon with pictures of our evening at the pumpkin patch!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bye-Bye, Beach

The beach was wonderful! We got back last night from almost a week away, first Orange Beach, then to Point Clear, Alabama. I have spent today washing clothes, unpacking and sincerely missing the sand and sun. It helped to flip through my camera and hang on to these memories from our last beach get away of the year!

We spent four days in OBA with Grams and Poppa.

The water was beautiful, the weather a perfect 85 degrees and we enjoyed having built-in babysitters around so that Dusty and I could go on a date!
Fall may be the very best time to go to the beach. No humidity, no crowds and lots of sales at the Foley outlets. Lots of fun was had by all!

Libby insisted on having breakfast "al fresco" each morning!

20 Weeks!

Looking for dolphins...

and getting lots of Daddy love!

It was also so much fun getting some beach time with our friends the Myers! They just happened to be stayng at the condo next to ours for the weekend and the girls enjoyed getting to soak up some sun with our favorite blonde twins!

On Sunday, we made the short drive over to Mobile Bay where Dusty was attending a work conference at the Grand Hotel at Point Clear. This is a hidden gem and I am absolutely in love with this area!

We don't normally travel with Dusty for business, but when he found out this conference was going to be held at this hotel and that we would already be down that way, we decided to make it a family trip. Mom and I spent a weekend here a couple of years ago, so I knew Dusty and the girls would love it!

The Grand Hotel is the #1 Marriott resort in the country (out of 27), and yes, it's in south Alabama! It's actually the only 5 star hotel in the state from what I've been told. It is the perfect mix of southern charm and elegance without being too fancy shmancy. It's an ideal place for families and we had a ball in the three days we spent at this historic and special place.

There have beautiful pools and we braved the chilly water for a while and explored the bayside beach.

A pond full of friendly ducks is located in the center of the resort. The consierge even gave us special duck food for them!

Quacking back at the ducks!

We each got a little bag of duck food, but Annie must have just heard "food". She didn't find it as tasty as the ducks did.

On our second day, Dusty was at the exhibit most of the day, so the girls and I drove the 3 miles to adorable downtown Fairhope. This is one of the most quaint cities I've ever visited.

There was a quirky little bookstore called the Page and Pallette. A coffee bar, art studio and bookstore all in one! They had a great reading room for kiddos...

One of our favorites stops was Fantasyland Toystore. Libby and Annie made sure to try out all the cool toys and unfortunately triggered their minds to thinking about what Santa needed to bring them this year. Miraculously we made it out without any purchases!

We also met "Matisse" in one of the art studios downtown.

He had a beautiful iron bed (that most humans would covet!) and we looked around at all of his owner's orignial paintings and sketches.

After a sandwich outside on one of many sidewalk cafes (cuteness!), we found the city park and the girls got to burn some more energy before heading back to the hotel for naps.

SPEAKING OF NAPS...we wondered how it was going to be with all four of us sharing a hotel room, but it was really ok. We packed so much into each day that the girls passed out by the afternoon and we all got a little rest. I was so proud of Miss Anne - she even napped in a big bed!

This is good practice for when we make the move out of the crib in a couple of months.

Before we left on Tuesday, we fed the ducks again, found some lime trees (I mean, how cool), and played on the playground at the resort.

We also had lunch at Panini Pete's, a restaurant that was featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! They bake their own bread, make homemade mozzerella cheees, and roast their own meats. As Libby would say, the turkey panini "rocked my face off!".

We are glad to be back home, but miss the beautiful beach! It was a great week and I can't wait to go back. Now my mind turns to all things long sleeved, apple spiced, and pumpkin colored. We will now be swapping out our clothes and getting ready for the cooler weather that is TRYING to make it's way to Alabama.

So...I guess it's hello fall!