Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ring, Ring...Hello?

My funny girl loves "nanas". She eats one with her breakfast on most mornings. One of the brightest parts of my day is to see her answer her nana and the conversation that ensues after that. Her eyes light up with I make it "ring" and usually she chooses Papa or my parent's dog, Gabby (wait, you know her!) to chat with.

"A-mornin', it's Annie!"
"What ooo doin'?"
"I eatin' breffuss"
"I wub you!"

Then she quickly peels it and takes a big bite! I love this kid.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Happy List

I am probably in the habit of chronicling mostly the good stuff in our life. It makes for better memories (and reading) if I don't document the girls fighting over the same feather boa, my snapping at my husband, the fact that we haven't seen the playroom floor in over a week or that it seems everything in my house feels sticky.

We have so very much to be thankful for, so when I'm at my wit's end, it is nice to go back and recall the blessings. Like the following:

Watching Libby at her very first soccer practice!

And not having to make dinner the night of the practice because it was all done by a very generous "Auburn Mommies" friend. WOW!

Thank you Dora! Check out the Octopus Dip. Libby wasn't too sure about it...

but then, YUM!

Just hanging out with this little toot...

"Say CHEESE, Mommy!"

Finding these precious ceramic measuring spoons at TJ Maxx for next to nothing. I think I might just love them.

Eating most of our meals outside on the deck...

(that would be my eyeliner that Annie thought would look nice on her face. That part may not be so high on the happy list.)

And finally, loving on this sweet baby...

A happy week. Thankful for so much!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Princess Teeth

I took the girls have their toothies cleaned today. Libby loves going to the dentist and today was Annie's first visit! She is two, so I wondered how it would go. We spent last night and this morning practicing saying "Ahhhhhhh" and showing each other our teeth.

Who wouldn't want to come to this happy place? It is such a snazzy office - perfectly decked out for kiddos. This is a waiting room we don't mind waiting in.

When they called us back, Libby immediately jumped into the chair and opened wide...

...while Annie took a detour to the corner with toys and puzzles.

They tried to lure her over with a promise of a princess movie on the flat screen TVs that are mounted on the ceilings over each exam chair (cool!).

"No tanks. I pay dis blocks!"

Libby gets her pearly whites polished.

"Annie, do you want to come and watch sissy get her teeth cleaned?"


While I mentally calculated how much we were wasting on an insurance co-pay to play with blocks, the sweet hygienist finally coaxed Annie over with a new Dora the Explorer toothbrush. She was able to give her a quick check. The girls got so tickled when she told them that they had princess teeth. Brilliant!

They said the girls looked good - no cavities! The dentist gave them each a goody bag with Zaxby's coupons, new toothbrushes and floss and a token to get a prize out of the machine.

I wish my dentist office was this fun!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Gabby

She is a CockaPoo. My sister and I got her for Christmas when I was in seventh grade. She is now elderly and lives a privileged life in Roswell with my parents and gets her food heated to the perfect temperature every day. She is a sweet dog.

Why a big picture of Gabby at 11:30 pm on a Friday?

Because I have spent the last hour researching how to enlarge pictures on Blogger (along with watching House Hunters International) and I finally figured it out! I just thought she would make a nice model.

If you blog and have always wondered how folks have beautifully large photos without distortion, check out this how-to.

Good night!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break

I really wanted to entitle this post "Girls Gone Wild", but I was afraid my blog would pop up when that phrase is Googled :)

It's been fun but crazy trying to keep two little girls entertained while everyone else is headed out of town for vacation. Spring is in the air, and there must have been a full moon or two because Libby and Annie have had lots of extra energy. Charlie is still pretty low key, but the feeding, burping and changing is still quite time consuming and his big sisters don't always understand why Mommy has to tend to this tiny guy throughout the day. We've almost made it through our spring break at home but we're still pining for the beach...sniff sniff.

Preschool is out this week, but thankfully so is the sunshine. We've spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

The only downside to these new spring temps is that with the budding trees and plants comes...


Both of my girls suffer from seasonal allergies and we have gone through an entire box of Kleenex in the last four days. We wipe, we play, then wipe again.

And obviously, it doesn't bother Annie.

We have dined al fresco each day for lunch.

It's been great since the crumbs just get swept into the grass. We pretend like it's a fancy sidewalk cafe. Of course, I'm the waiter.

It's also given me some time to survey our yard and realize how much WORK we need to do to get ready for the season. Dusty is making plans for mulch and planting and I will need to re-pot my little pitiful herb garden. The only thing that survived the winter were my chives. They have lived for five years - no joke!

Charlie Horse had his one month check-up this week and got a good report! He weighed in at 11 pounds, 12 ounces and was 22 and a quarter inches. Growing a little too fast for his Mommy. I want him to stay widdle, but he seems to have other plans.

This is his "Whatcha talkin' bout Willis" look.

We've also watched Bambi a blue million times this week, but that's ok because it's new to the girls and charming to me, as opposed to some of their DVDs. We do have to watch out for Annie now - we caught her licking Charlie's head like the mother deer does to Bambi. "Deer kishes", she called them. :)

Libby and Charlie on a movie date.

We went to the library this morning for story time. Our library has wonderful programs for little ones and we always enjoy the songs, stories and craft time. I totally forgot that today was St. Patty's so we didn't have on green, but we had fun with our green frog lesson with the other kiddos.

Charlie even brought the appropriate WubbaNub for the occassion! He loves these and I have found them so helpful for keeping the paci in his mouth.

Looking forward to a fun weekend with 80 degree temperatures and a visit from some special friends! Spring has sprung!