Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beach {Easter} Bunnies

About mid-week we had a unexpected opportunity to spend our Easter the beach!

Dusty's parents were so sweet to let us go to their condo in Orange Beach, Alabama. We were so excited about getting down to spent a low-key weekend and celebrate Charlie's first Easter. The weather was BEAUTIFUL.

The girls were beyond excited about hitting the beach and pool when we got there. This little critter ran into our room at 6:00 AM ready to take a dip.

I've noticed that every year, we have to re-introduce the girls to the beach and pool. It's fun to see them get so excited, like it's the first time they are experiencing it all. It didn't take long for both to feel at home in the water.

Even the little man suited up for the water. Check out that beach bod...

...but he usually ended up chilling out on a towel in the shade with WubbaNub.

Of course, we had to dye eggs.

I'm pretty sure it helps to put dive rings on your head to speed up the process.

We attended a beach side sunrise service on Easter morning. We put on flip flops and grabbed some folding chairs and went to nearby Romar Beach Baptist Church at 7:00 AM.

There was something so special about celebrating our risen Savior on the sand! The setting was really casual and we loved that the kids got to sit with us by the ocean and sing together on Easter morning.

It will be such a sweet memory for us. I think I could get used to church on the beach!

When we got back, the Easter Bunny had come to the condo. Libby had reminded me several times that I needed to let him know of our change in location this Easter. Thankfully, the Bunny made it up the 12th floor to deliver our three baskets.

Our Easter meal was Paula Deen's Breakfast Casserole that I made the night before and some Reese's Chocolate Eggs. Yes!

The rest of our time was spent at the beach and pool.

Libby's Donald Trump pool hair-do.

By the end of each day, Annie Fannie was completely worn out. She put herself down for a nap poolside on one occasion...

Whew! And her Mom and Dad were wiped out too. Once we got back to Auburn on Monday night, Dusty and I were both beyond exhausted. Trips to the beach with three children four and under is not really a vacation. We were really just doing what we do at home, just in a really fun setting! It was so wonderful to watch them enjoy the beach. We can't wait to rest up and then do it again soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg Huntin'

It was not until I had kids that I realized that the Easter season means not just one, but several egg hunts for little ones. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, there seemed like there was an opportunity to go to a hunt literally every day. In total we attended three egg hunts which has resulted in a GIANT ziploc bag full of eggs that I have, in turn, had to "hunt" from every corner of my house and vehicle. The girls have loved having them everywhere.

Our neighborhood held an egg hunt for the first time at our pool complex and Libby and I went since it fell during nap time for the little ones. Lib was not very victorious that day. As it turned out, stopping to talk to our friends and neighbors once they blew the start whistle was not a good idea. The bigger kids quickly picked up all the eggs and Libby scrambled after them, but managed to come away with an empty basket - not even one egg!

She took it pretty well, especially since Gigi's Cupcakes was one of the sponsors of the egg hunt. A mini chocolate cupcake was a good consolation prize even if most of it ended up on her face!

And the open pool was just too tempting to all those egg hunting kids.

She started out wading in, but before it was all over, she was soaked.

A fun event!

This is the third year that I've organized the egg hunt for our local Mom/Kiddo group. We had a great time at Felton Little Park and had nice but humid weather (note lots of sweaty kids).

Libby and her friend Anna. They really do love each other.

Just some of the group...

Always a challenge to get little ones to pose for a group photo op!

MORE Easter cupcakes...

They may not stand up to Gigi's... I just "doctored" up cake mix with lemon extract and the tried and true Duncan Hines cream cheese icing. That icing will never be as good as the real thing, but it's a close second and usually can fool people!

Playing follow the leader over the bridge. Thankfully no one got splinters.

Our last hunt was at Libby's preschool. They dyed real eggs for this one (which totally impressed Lib) and was held on the playground. Annie even got to join in on the fun!

A little Easter party followed the hunt. I don't think I can think of anything sweeter than little ones, hands folded, thanking the Lord. Just precious. Annie followed suit with one eye squinted open trying to follow along!

I'll be back soon with pictures of our Easter the beach!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Birthdays and a Wedding Weekend

I started this little bloggy one year ago today! I am so very glad to have these memories stored away. When I look back at previous posts, I am reminded of the abounding blessings He has chosen to give us. I am also really excited that I was able to stick with something for an entire year. If you know me, I tend to get REALLY into things, but then they kind of fizzle over time. Blogging may just stick around for a while!

Anyway, on to our weekend...

Dusty's college buddy Andy got married in Cochran, Georgia on Saturday night. It was a beautiful southern wedding set on Andy's family's tree farm, Gully Branch.

My pictures are kind of sparse, but I always feel kind of funny taking pictures at other people's weddings. Is that weird? I snapped a few to remember the gorgeous day.

Can you see that cute groomsman in the left hand corner?

I stood in the back with another Mommy of a baby so as not to disturb the ceremony.

Adorable touches were everywhere in the stately pavilion on the lake!

Handsome boys all dressed up.

All tuckered out. He was so good all weekend!

Before we left town on Sunday, Dusty couldn't resist "wettin' a hook" at Gully Branch and catching (and releasing) a few small large mouth bass (oxymoron!).

Mom kept the girls for the weekend. It sounds funny that we thought of this as a little vacation, but it truly was restful since Charlie is so low-key. Dusty and I got to enjoy uninterrupted conversation and we got lots of snuggles with our baby boy as well without his sisters begging to hold him. Thanks Momma for hanging out with our two older monkeys!

We ended the weekend celebrating one of our sweet little friends, Amelia.

The girls had a blast running around barefoot with this new three year old!

Now back to our routine for a few more weeks until summer. I have found one great form of entertainment for this two year old so that I can put showering back on the priority list. Annie calls it "Two Annies".