Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sitting Pretty

...or, should I say, handsome.

We broke out the Bumbo seat today. The verdict: he likes it! Charlie "sat" next to me this morning as I folded laundry on the floor and seemed to enjoy his new view of the world.

When I ordered it for Libby five years ago, I guess I never thought about a boy eventually sitting in it. Oh well, he doesn't seem to mind the purple. Or the fact that his sleeper says "I LOVE MOM" all over it.

Poor kid.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Weekend

Grams and Poppa came to town! Can you feel the love?

We enjoyed having them come and visit this weekend. We got into all sorts of fun stuff. Dinner all together Friday night at Amsterdam's (with kids who kinda sorta behaved) and a poolside picnic on Saturday where Libby got to show her grandparents her mad swim skills.

Dusty and I took advantage of our free and eager babysitters and went out that night. I got to wear a dress and talk to my husband without crazy kids climbing around the booth. Perfection. We made a pit stop at Kmart after dinner to grab some candy for the movie and figured we would also grab a couple of things that we were out of. We were checking out before we realized how silly our purchases must have looked to the cashier...

(Yes, D and I use two different toothpaste brands. His was a BOGO!)

We went to see Super 8 and LOVED it. It was such a fun movie and is the kind that is worth going to see in the theatre. Very Steven Spielberg. A great date!

The kids are wild about Grams and Poppa and we hope they can come and visit again soon!

Charlie has been busy this weekend practicing his roll and it's a hoot to watch him. He starts rocking that chubby little body until he gets on his side

It takes a while, but he gets there. Dusty lays next to him, cheering him on, slapping the ground like a wrestling trainer. So cute.

He tucks his elbow and rolls back over...

...and grabs at anything that is in reach!

These baby milestones are just as exciting - even the third time around!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'Round Here

This title should be sung ala Counting Crows...Roooouuuund Here :) That song immediately makes me think of my college dorm room and listening to that CD over and over with my sweet roomie, Jen. Memories!

So, it's been sweltering hot. If we are not in or near the pool or sprinkler, we have been inside in the AC. Here is a quick recap of some of our happenings...

Remember how we just put up a playground for the kids? Looks like we could have saved some $ and just invested in some more cardboard boxes...

And our dining room table is serving as a great "secret fort".

They literally played like this for HOURS.

Lib has been learning her way around the iPad 2 (probably better than her Mom and Dad). She is enjoying the reading and math games and seems to be holding her own personal summer school session on Daddy's new toy. Educational fun - we'll take it!

All this sunshine has made my basil and mint plants go crazy! These two got haircuts and on Saturday night we whipped up...

I've gotten some fun one on one time in with my little middle! While Libby is at VBS and Charlie naps in his stroller, Annie and I get to enjoy some play and pool time.

And sometimes we don't know what we want to play. Having a hobby identity crisis!

Charlie went for his four month check up and he is growing like a weed. He was 17.2 pounds and 26 inches. That's 90th percentile for weight and 93rd for height! Poor little guy received four shots that day. His sisters were so worried and fussed over him and tried to console after it was all over.

He is also showing a lot of head and neck control. He can "sit" in our lap now and is holding and playing with toys. He even rolled from his tummy to his back today! Slow down, little man!

The days are busy, but I am truly enjoying the summer with these three.

Even changing two in diapers, scrubbing "murals" off of walls, disinfecting a two year old that stood up IN the toilet (REALLY) and refereeing bickering sisters, I wouldn't trade these not-so-lazy days of summer for anything!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ghirardelli Brownie Cookies

On our cloudy Friday morning, we decided to try out a new cookie recipe that I had come across on Sally Clarkson's blog, I Take Joy that starts with brownie mix. She had me at the name.


I happened to have everything on hand (I love when this happens - but it rarely does!) so the girls reviewed the recipe and we got to baking!

My Aunt Patty first tuned me in to Ghirardelli brownie mix. Now there is no other! Not too sweet and it just seems fancy shmancy.

Ends up looking like stiff brownie batter. It's scoop-able!

The house smelled so good!


My taste testers enjoying their creations atop the clubhouse!

I'm putting Sally's book, Mission of Motherhood, on my Amazon wish list. I love her passion for creating traditions within the home and the emphasis she puts on quality time with our children. I've found her blog to be such an encouragement.

And these cookies ain't bad either! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The kids and I were at home eating lunch today and as I got up to get something, I glanced out of the window and saw...a HORSE!

To a couple of little blonde girls, it was as if Christmas had come early!

This sweet high school student rode "Fury" onto our lawn and allowed the girls to meet the GIGANTIC competitive jumper.

She told us that she usually rides around the farms close to our neighborhood, but today decided to take a different route.

We're so glad they did! Our little visit from "Fury" and his sweet rider made our regular old Thursday just thrilling!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Heart OBA

Orange Beach, Alabama! It is such a special place. We got back yesterday from a wonderful four days on the Gulf.

My Mom came down with us for this trip and we so enjoyed having her. She was such a tremendous help and Dusty and I were able to go out on dates and spend time at the beach together.

Everyone got to relax...

even in the baby pool :)

My poor little pale girl had to cover up in the intense sun. Lib will probably never sport a tan.

Dusty bought a twenty pound box of oysters while we were there, so this was our lunch when we came in from the beach. We even baked some with Parmesan and other toppings and they were awesome!

On this trip we had a new little swimmer! Libby has been working on her strokes and has kind of gotten the hang of swimming under water. When I have all three at the pool by myself at home, I make her wear her floaties, but with Mom and Dusty there she got a lot of practice in. She still needs formal swim lessons, but she has made great strides by herself!

And because I had a few extra eyes and arms to help, Charlie got to take his first swim! He liked the water and kicked his little feet in excitement.

Good grief, those tiny swim trunks are cute.

I made my poor family endure the agony of pictures on the beach one evening. We moved quickly and tried to snap a few of the whole gang. There was some complaining but I kept yelling "We're making memories!". Thanks, Grandmama for being our photographer! Here are a few from our shoot...

The kids cooperated for the most part, but we knew we needed to wrap things up when we started getting these faces...

I am in love with Charlie's little whale outfit. Thank you, Cousin Tay, for having it made special just for him! Doesn't he look dashing? I will cherish these first family beach pictures, no matter how sweaty and sandy we had to get to make them!

Our last night at the beach, we went to The Hang Out in Gulf Shores. We had never been there before, but found it to be such a fun place for kids. We sat outside and listened to the live band and Libby and Annie enjoyed playing in the giant sand mountain. It felt like an old-timey beach party!

We had a blast and we are looking forward to heading back down with my side of the family at the end of the summer and then in the fall with all of the Garnetts. SO thankful to be able to spend so much time at the beach! We love it!