Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sundaes and Swimming

We celebrated our birthday girl with a little party at our neighborhood pool last week. Libby was so excited to have her buds there to ring in this 5th birthday with her. As I was setting up everything at the pool house, the thunder started rolling in and the sky got dark. Right as our guests started to arrive, the sky opened up and it rained. I mean, RAINED.

Libby didn't seem to be too upset. In fact, I think the kids all thought it was kind of exciting. I always forget that when you get enough children all together, they make their own fun. With hopes that no one would get electrocuted at our little bash, we rallied everyone and went ahead and had pizza and lemonade.

Taking cover!

Annie was not so excited about the big booms of thunder.

The rain lasted for about thirty minutes, but thankfully we passed the time by scooping out some ice cream.

Dusty served everyone and then the kids got to make their own sundaes with their favorite toppings.

Emma and Annie chatting and sampling the M&Ms and maraschino cherries :)

By the time we finished our ice cream the rain had stopped and the kids rushed out into the pool. It stayed pretty cloudy, but the kids didn't seem to notice.

A little rock jumping for those who were brave enough!


Chocolate chip pound cake cupcakes (recipe found HERE) with DIY cupcake toppers made with a simple rubber stamp from Hobby Lobby.

"Happy birthday dear Libby..."

Charlie hung out with his new little friend Daniel during the party. They found they had a lot in common...

Fun gifts from sweet friends!

Libby was excited to pass out the favors as everything was winding down.

Ice cream scented bubbles! These were a hit. Yet another reason to love Target.

The birthday girl stopping long enough for a quick pic! Doesn't she look like a big kid here? We had a fun night!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To my Girl...

Dear Libby,
Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are five! Time is flying, but they say that tends to happen when you're having fun. And boy, you have brought that and so much more to Daddy and me!

I am so proud of the little person you are becoming. You are Mommy's helper, Daddy's girl, Annie's best friend and Charlie's second Mommy. You are a true blessing to our family. You tell the best knock knock jokes, put on the most exciting talent shows, draw the prettiest rainbows, and my heart melts when I hear you sing "Goodness and Mercy" as you rock your baby dolls to sleep. The Lord is at work in your little heart and it's so exciting to daily watch you grow!

I will never forget the moment you were born. A perfect pink bundle!

We love to look back at when you were just a little scooter...

First Birthday...

2nd Birthday...

3rd birthday....

4th Birthday...

Now you're a big kid! Wow! Five years old!

Happy birthday, darling girl. We love you and celebrate you today and always.

Love, Mommy