Friday, December 30, 2011

A Couple Videos

And for good measure, here is a clip of the princess action!

Thanks to my sister for catching this next big moment on video!  Melanie, I cracked up hearing you laugh at my child when she almost burns her lips on the birthday candles...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Annie's Princess Party

Our sweet girl is now three years old!  Since she lives, eats and breathes all things princess, there was no debate over what kind of party she would like to celebrate her big day.  

The little ladies having refreshments; fruit, cheese straws, mini quiche, pink lemonade and iced tea.

They even got to drink out of my (10 cent garage sale) punch cups!  Very fancy.

My goofy little princess.

We played the Cinderella DVD and they girls pretended to be at the Ball...

Leading the group - she can recite all the songs from the movie...

The Garnett ballroom.

The Handsome Prince!

And then all of a sudden, the doorbell rang...

Some special surprise guests had arrived!

This was the funniest part of the whole day.  The girls were literally speechless!  I don't know what I had expected them to do, but they all stood there just staring at Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother.  

From that moment on, Cinderella had the room and captivated our little crowd for the rest of the afternoon.  Introductions were made and she told Annie she had heard there was a birthday in the kingdom and that they wanted to come and celebrate with her. 

Look at her face!  This is the first time I teared up.  Notice my Mom in the background?  She was weepy too!

They were star struck!

They spent some time getting acquainted with the girls.  Cinderella began telling them the story of how she came to become a princess too.  She would ask them questions and they would raise their hands like they were in school!  

Listening to them sing songs...

Cinderella had the girls pretend to help her do the housework.  Cleaning the floors!

She then brought out her pink ball dress.  She had the girls pretend to be her mice friends and fix up the dress with fabric and ribbon.

They also learned how to curtsy like a lady.

The Fairy Godmother shared some magic dust from her wand...

Holding on to the magic to turn Cinderella into a princess!

Cinderella returned in her Ball Gown and taught the girls how to dance like a princess!  I teared up again here.

She gave Annie a special birthday wand - and one for her sister - smart.

A pumpkin like the coach for baby brother too.

Cinderella noticed her movie was on - she waved and said "Hi, me!". 

Trying on the glass slipper!

Libby chatting her up and asking her a million questions.  By the end, they seemed like old friends :)

While we struggled to get Annie to pose for a picture, Libby jumped at the chance.

Charlie woke up from his nap halfway through the party.  He probably thought we had all gone crazy.

I think Annie got a little embarrassed when we all began to sing Happy Birthday.  

We sent each guest home with a glass slipper ornament to remember their royal afternoon!

The party was so much fun and I am so glad we did this for Annie.  I wondered at first if we were being a little too indulgent, but by keeping everything else on a small scale, it was a perfect way for us to honor our sweet girl.  I really think this will be momorable for our girls - not to mention this Mama!  After it was over, Annie thanked us for her party and said that Cinderella was her friend.  
She was exhausted by the end of the afternoon and a few moments after this picture was taken, we found her asleep upstairs in the play room!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!  Happy 3rd Birthday, Annie!

The Big 'Ole Christmas Post

Ready for some Christmas pics?  

As the month raced by, we were busy making merry and celebrating our first Christmas season as a family of five.  It was wonderful!  But y'all...I'm tired.

As I dig out from under boxes and wrapping paper, here are some highlights of our holiday!

First...our tree.  We alternate between colored and white lights each year (per husband's demand request). This year was colored light year.  I'm coming around.


Much of my holiday fatigue would be the result of keeping this 10 month old monkey from climbing the tree.  Although, no ornaments have been broken...yet.


The girls enjoyed our elf, "Dewey" so much this year.  Each morning was an adventure to see where he would be.  He even made a sugar snow angel one night!

There was a Christmas party at Annie's preschool...

...and one at our home with our Small Group - fun!

We enjoyed Libby's school Christmas pageant.  She played a sheep in the nativity story.

She claimed to be a little embarrassed of her woolly role, but I think she really enjoyed performing.

By the way, Charlie wore this little Santa suit for almost every Christmas function, so it probably appears that all these pictures were on the same day :)

So funny to observe our little social girl at school!  

I finally made my Papa's fruitcake! The recipe is called "You Never Liked Fruitcake Until..."

 IT. IS. SO. GOOD.  I grew up eating it every year.  My Papa has been gone for almost ten years now and I haven't had this fruitcake for over a decade.  The very first taste conjured up special memories of my grandparents and Christmastime at their house.  I loved following the old tattered recipe card that was typed (on a typewriter!) so many years ago that was passed down to my parents, now passed to me.  I kept one cake and gave one away.  I know this will be a new tradition!

Annie's class celebrated her upcoming birthday with cupcakes and a GIANT hat...

Charlie tagged along for the ride!

We enjoyed Breakfast with Santa this year at the Grand National Hotel.  It was such a sweet event and the kids absolutely LOVED visiting with this precious Santa.  

Charlie was just fascinated with St. Nick!

Funny... "Dewey" even knew about our breakfast date!

Libby had a Christmas ballet and tap recital.  She is the little fuzzy blur on the far right.

She danced to the Nutcracker and Boogie Woogie Santa.  If you ask about her favorite part?

Getting to wear mascara.

Can you believe those lashes!?!

Another highlight of our season was watching the girls receive video emails from Santa with a personalized message.  Thank you to Mandy at Seventh Smith for sharing this link!  

 It was so much fun to watch their surprise as Santa spoke right to them and even knew their name!

We spent a couple nights in Hartselle celebrating with Dusty's side of the family.  We also celebrated our new three year old.  Gigi's cupcakes and dinner at Grams and Popa's house.  

A new Cinderella dress for the birthday girl!

We drove up to Atlanta last week for an Accapella Christmas concert featuring my very talented sister!  She was fantastic and we actually snapped a family picture after the show!

My parents and sister came down and spent Christmas with us.  Such a treat. 

Finally, Christmas morning was here!

Charlie got a rocking horse!  

We ended the day with a drive around our neighborhood to look at lights and then candles in a blackberry pie (made by sweet neighbors!) as we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!

We now are relaxing as we close out 2011.  We have lots of new toys to keep us all busy.

I think that's it!  In the midst of all the merriment, we had two very special visitors to our home for Annie's birthday party.  Still sorting photos and will be back soon to share!