Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthday Fun and a First

My sweet husband brought these beauties home on the occasion of my 31st birthday!

Aren't they lovely?!?

I enjoyed a wonderful birthday weekend.  Dusty took me out to dinner downtown, complete with a babysitter at home for the kids!  I got to sleep until 8:00 Saturday morning and then we all went to have breakfast at Waffle House.   The kids love it and always get a thrill when we go there.

To mark the special day, Libby even lost her very first tooth!

She lost her tooth in every sense of the word. It was nowhere to be found in our little Waffle House booth!  I was sure she would freak out about not actually having a tooth to put under her pillow, but she seemed ok with it.  Dusty thinks she probably swallowed it while eating her waffle.  Oops.

My leisurely Saturday went on to include a little shopping BY MYSELF.
No time constraints.  No strollers.  No ziploc bags of cheerios.   
It was so refreshing.

I went to stores that I usually have to avoid when kiddos are with me.  Places with fragile displays and narrow aisles.  When I got home, I even took a guilt-free nap! Thankful for a husband who knows I needed this!  

My birthday cannoli.  Oh, good heavens...

That evening, Libby wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened...

In exchange, the tooth fairy wrote her back and left her a whole dollar.

Sometimes, when the fairy stays up too late and waits until midnight to write her letter, she uses bad grammar and congratulates little girls on "loosing" their teeth.

Then sometimes little girls get disappointed because they didn't actually get to meet the tooth fairy overnight...

After some explanation that the tooth fairy is in the same class as Santa and the Easter Bunny, all was well!  After church, we met my parents and sister in Peachtree City (a good halfway point) for lunch to celebrate Mom's birthday which is the day after mine.

We enjoyed Ted's Montana Grill (my girls ate bison chili!) and Cloud 9 cupcakes.  

The birthday girl and her little grands...

With three birthdays, February is pretty fun in our family!

Friday, February 24, 2012

As of Late...

I'm playing a little catch up on the last couple of weeks.  Life just doesn't stop.  Even when things are mundane or busy, I still don't want to forget them. It seems like there are so many things that are left undone, so blogging usually falls to the bottom of the list.  
My van is a mess, my floors are sticky and I totally forgot to send a hat with my Kindergartner for "Hat Day". Tears ensued.

This post may be a bit like my mind these days, pretty unorganized.  These are exhausting but precious days.

So, we took a little trip up to Hartselle...

...and got to meet new cousin, Mabry Rae!

She is a doll and we enjoyed cuddling and sniffing her sweet newborn baby head.

Daddy brought home red tulips and balloons for his Valentines this year.

The girls enjoyed parties at school and passing out Valentines to their classmates. 

 Weird but wonderful warm February temps continue. They make our playground the place to be.  

Charlie Man went for his one year check-up!  They say he's as healthy as a horse.

His stats were on a print-out given to me at his pediatrician.  Do you notice the big bold text underneath his info?  BE ACTIVE.  Does this really need to be encouraged?  
This ACTIVE little boy is about to do me in.  It's a good thing that he is so stinkin' cute because he is running his Mommy ragged.  This week my little billy goat has tried munching on the following; contents of our dryer's lint trap, Q-tips, crayons, paper, hair clips, a rouge jingle bell that somehow made it from Christmas and, lastly, a Cascade dishwasher pod.  I can now say I've called Poison Control for each of my children. At least there is consistency!  The Cascade incident was a doozy, but I'm thankful that they purposefully put in an enzyme in that product that induces vomiting.  I can't remember what age they stop "tasting" everything they see or find, but that is one milestone that I will welcome heartily with this little guy.

Finally, I will never again judge a mother in a store with a naked baby in tow.  Said baby probably just had a major diaper explosion and his Mama forgot to replace the back-up outfit that usually resides in the bottom of the diaper bag...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sock Monkey Soiree

I was given a sobering fact this weekend.  Dusty informed me that little boys don't really care about themed birthday parties when they get older.  Really?  He said that the greatest party he can remember growing up was going to the arcade with all his buddies with a cup full of change.  

I have so much to learn about boys.

Well, all the better that I just got a cutesy pie-sie first birthday out of my system before he prefers Go-Carts and hot wings over smocked outfits and coordinating decor. :)

We enjoyed having our family come in town for a lunch on Sunday to celebrate our little monkey.


My sweet friend, Jessica, made Charlie's monkey hat.  I love it!  This gift will be one we will cherish!

The girls had so much fun helping me with the details of our little party. They both helped make our sock monkey cake.

"Happy birthday, dear Charlie..."

Mmmmm, sugar.


We sent our family home with Sock Monkey cookie mix!

The recipe can be found HERE.

It was such a fun afternoon celebrating our Charlie.  I still can't believe he is ONE!

I guess I will hang on to these little years as long as I can until monster trucks and paint ball parties become the order of the day...