Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fan Fest

We headed out for the A-Day festivities on Saturday.  We didn't plan on going to the actual scrimmage game, but it was fun to walk around campus with all the fans that were in town.  

Dusty and I love getting to show the kids where we went to " big Auburn school", as they call it.   Living here, we constantly have full circle moments when we pass places that have special memories of where Dusty and I first met.

We also got to see the unveiling of the three new Heisman statues.  
Hey Cam!

Annie was too intimidated by the Tiger Paws to pose with her sister for the pic!

But here she gives a hearty Waaaaarrrrr Eagle!

Lastly, yesterday was my second blog-iversary!  It just occurred to me today and I got a little tickled when I realized.  I truly hope to keep documenting these precious days.  I'm convinced that with the birth of each child I have lost more and more brain cells so I will need a way to remember this roller coaster ride!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Undie Hat

My sweet Anne Kathryn...

...has a new favorite trick.

She thinks it's pretty funny.

Have I ever mentioned that we were once told by a pediatrician that Annie could have advanced intelligence?  

Tea for Two

Libby and her sweet friend enjoyed tea time "al fresco" after school on Friday.  She loves any excuse to use her little silver service that she received for Christmas.  They also borrowed a couple of my silver goblets for the occasion.  So fancy!

  Such proper young ladies.

And just when I thought things couldn't get any more girly, they ran inside to show me an unexpected guest that had shown up in one of my flower pots...

Cheers, girls!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Pictures

I wish I could say that we all just browsed our closets and pulled out some clothes, frolicked out into this field as a family and posed effortlessly for these pictures...  

Not the case.

Our session was scheduled around naptime back in February, blow-dried three little heads, ironed clothes, fussed and fluffed and pretended it was winter in 70 degree weather.  Whew!  In reality, I really fretted about our outfits.  I didn't want them to be too matchy, but more coordinating...giving the illusion that I didn't fret about them.  

There were a couple threats of discipline for a little girl that didn't have a good attitude about having her picture taken.  Another little girl got bitten by an ant.  The young man was his wild self as usual.  Dusty kept giving me these looks that said he would rather be anywhere else.  I'm sure we were a sight.

Somehow, the talented Amy McDaniel captured pictures that totally hide our crazy family dynamic of three children five and under.  We actually appear normal and relaxed!

The session also served as Charlie's one year pictures.  

Me and my guys!

Be still my heart!

This is the first time we have ever had family pictures done.  I had made excuses about clothes, stress, logistics and waiting until I lost five pounds.  Now I regret not doing these pictures sooner!  I love having these images that capture what our family looks like RIGHT NOW.  They will never be five, three and one again! When I'm old and grey, these will be the days I will want to remember most!

Thank you, Amy!