Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dude Looks Like a Lady

In Recent Days

When they are not on their horse-drawn "pirate ship"...

They are doing this...

Bring on the popsicles, bare feet and sun-kissed cheeks!

Freezer Sandwiches

These are genius!  
I ran across this recipe for freezer sandwiches on literally, a spoonful and I was intrigued.  I have found by staying at home with three children, lunchtime can be a challenge.  Most days it feels like the minute I get finished cleaning up from breakfast, it's time to start preparing the next meal.  I get REALLY tired of sandwiches...probably because I was making boring sandwiches.  But these are melty, toasty and best of all, made ahead of time waiting for you in the freezer!

Click HERE for the recipe.  I made it per the original, but she also lists her modifications.

I used the fresh buns from the bakery section of Publix.  I think they taste much better than the ones on the bread aisle. 

The poppy seed sauce goes on the inside of each side.  Add some ham (I added turkey as well since I had some already in the fridge) and swiss cheese.

Brush some of the spicy sauce on the outside of each sandwich and wrap it up in foil.

You'll find you can make sandwiches uninterrupted if you give your 15 month old free reign of the pantry...

Eight sammies ready for lunch!  

Stick them in the freezer.  When it's lunchtime, just bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

Wouldn't these be nice to give to a family with a new baby?  Perhaps dress them up in cuter wrapping than the grocery store bun bag though :)

Funny the things that you get excited about at this stage of motherhood!  Sarah's other blog, Spoonful, has other great ideas on simplifying everyday life.  I love it!  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Camera Phone Clean Out

There are countless images hiding in the recesses of my iPhone. Just a few...

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Camping" Out

We had big plans.  We were going to take the girls to a friend's cabin on a lake in south Georgia earlier this month and camp.  We had talked it up big time and they were so excited.  After our recent travels we starting thinking and the idea of packing up everything and driving 2.5 hours with first time (young) campers while having no 3G access sounded a bit daunting.  We decided to do a trial run first.  
Last night we "camped" in the backyard! 

We set up a tent, grilled hot dogs and made s'mores over the Big Green Egg.  Add some Buffet on Pandora and it really was a fun evening.  

It was really all about the s'mores.

Marshmallow microphone...

  Dusty set up a cheap Wal-Mart tent (which parts Annie managed to break before it was even up) and we crammed in air mattresses (which we have to repair with duct tape), sleeping bags, water bottles, Ariel Dolly and the iPad.  They were all set!

Charlie and I decided to "camp" in our own beds inside the house for the night, but he couldn't resist first trying out the tent for himself.

We let the Libby and Annie stay up until they were nice and tired and then Dusty and the girls settled in for the night...

Dusty and the girls spent the whole night in the tent!  I couldn't believe it.  I was sure that I would hear them come in to bed during the night.  I went out to check on them around 5 AM and they were sound asleep.  They didn't come back inside until 8:30 AM.  They LOVED it!  

Now that they have one camp out under their belts, we may try to take them to a campsite nearby.  I'd even be willing to sleep outside if we could have a potty nearby...and a no snake guarantee and...
maybe I'll leave the camping to Daddy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Down on the Farm

We celebrated a birthday for some sweet twins in our small group.  They had a party at a farm! We had a blast.  Here's some shots of the morning...

A hayride!

Annie found a friend to sing to...

Oh, mercy.  A litter of new puppies.  My children were in love.

Charlie's day was MADE.

Out in the pastures there were even exotic animals!  Of course, they were no competition with the puppies :)

Up high, camel!

A funny farm!  Happy birthday P & W!