Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feeling Fancy

Libby was the belle of the ball at her Fancy Nancy Soiree this weekend!  

One of Libby's favorite book series is Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor.  It is the story of a little girl who likes everything to be fancy!  Nancy enjoys the finer things in life and adds a bit of glitz and glamour to everything around her.  Sounds like another little six year old I know.

"A princess is supposed to keep her tiara on."         -Nancy

Ready set, party!

As her guests arrived, they received a tiara, feather boa and beads to help them gussy up.  Glitter gel and glitter powder were also waiting to fancy up their look.  They were really excited about this part.  They all took it very seriously and meticulously applied the make-up and asked each other opinions on colors and technique.  Isn't it funny that girls are just made this way?!?!

Aunt Lacy was our make-up artist.

Lib kept it classy by choosing pink on one eye and purple on the other.  

The girls weren't the only ones to get fancy.  At Libby's request, Dusty bought his first ever bow tie for the occasion.  She even picked out the AU orange and blue.  Doesn't he look dapper?

"Wow! My parents are acting 
fancier already."

Once everyone was as fancy as they could get, they all made beaded bracelets and necklaces.  I found this set at Target that was easy for little hands to work with.  They laced the beads on shoe laces and then we tied them on.  

I loved hearing their small talk as they worked!

Lots of giggles! 

All the fancy ladies donning their handmade creations!

Even Charlie was feeling festive.

Next, Aunt Melanie read the story of Fancy Nancy to everyone.  It was a dramatic reading.  Thanks Mel!

The audience was captivated....

We rang a bell and lunch was served!  They were all so well mannered and chatted while they ate their meal.

PB&J, fruit and cheese cubes...
 "definitely taste better when you stick in frilly toothpicks".

"They eat with their pinkies up and call each other 'darling'".

Fancy Grams and Poppa.

"Ooo-la-la! My family is posh.  That's a fancy word for fancy."

Libby asked for Key Lime pie (her favorite) instead of cake this year.  I was happy to oblige since it's one of my favorites too.  The search for the best recipe is over!  Pioneer Woman's recipe for Key Lime Pie is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.  It's a keeper.

One regular pie for candles and then little individuals for each of the girls.  Mini anything always seems more fun!  I used my four ounce mason jars left over from Christmas.  Pies in jars may just be my new obsession!

Ready to serve and sing...

"'For dessert, let's have parfaits', my mom says.  'That's French for ice-cream sundaes'."

Pinata time...

"What's a fancy girl to do?"

Little guy wanted to take a swing at it so badly...

Sweet gifts from friends.  They must really know her well.  Art supplies, craft projects, a tea set to paint and a gardening set were among the goodies.  

"They probably think we're 
movie stars."

We had such a fancy and fun day.  I'm not going to lie - that night I was so tired from picking up molted boa feathers and putting away punch cups.  My mother-in-law was sweet to help me "un-fancy" our house. My feet were sore but my heart was full. I'm so glad that little Lib still wants to include us in her birthday parties.  I know those years may come to an end when she wants slumber parties with no parents allowed.  We enjoyed celebrating our very special and fancy girl.   

"And all I say back is, 'I love you'. Because there isn't a 
fancy-or better-way of saying that."