Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to Preschool

It was Annie Kate's turn to get to go to "big girl school" this week.  She was so excited, especially since big sister had started two weeks ago.  She will be in a three morning a week preschool class.

She was stoked.  Can you tell?

Annie woke me up at 6:30 that first morning fully dressed and ready for school.   Unfortunately, she's also sporting a new "haircut" that she did herself last week.  The curls on her right side are now gone. Sort of a "flock of seagulls" 'do. I'm trying not to be upset about it, but she had so little hair to start with that it might be another three and a half years before it evens out.

Easily distracted..."Ooooo, a worm!".

Whee for three!

New "pack-pack".

Little brother a little bummed that both sisters are leaving :(

There were no tears and I think she barely noticed that I was leaving that first morning.  Typical Annie.  She has already filled me in on all her friend's names, what pandas eat, how to say hello in Chinese and what they had for snack.  What a fun age.  I know she will have a great year!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

All Aboard!

We enjoyed the cool(er) temperatures last weekend at a birthday party at the park for a little friend.

Jake turned two and we got to celebrate at his Thomas the Train party.   My friend Jessica did such a great job with all her creative touches. 

We got to ride on the Rocky Brook Rocket.  This little train has run at this park for years and it is positively a hit with kiddos and parents alike.

This was the exact moment they started the engine and blew the whistle.  Little man was in heaven.

Arms up about to go through the tunnel!

Itty bitty frog friend.

I just happened to catch them like this while we sang happy birthday.  Melts my heart.  
Either Libby was just being sweet or she's trying to keep Annie from grabbing food off the table.

Charlie and Jake discussing his manly bday presents.  Apparently we need John Deer equipment at our house.  

Lovin' little friends.

A sweet party and a fun morning!  So glad that we can go back outside now that the brutal heat has past!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


...because one day I know I will forget!

"Anyone wanna play dress-up?"

Me:  I love you, sweet princess.
Annie:  Mommy, you know I'm not really a princess.  It's just me - Annie.

After accidentally letting go of a balloon...
Annie: That balloon is going up to Heaven!  I hope Gabby doesn't play with it and pop it with her teeth!
(Gabby is my childhood dog who passed away a couple months ago.)

Me:  Annie, you're such a funny girl.
Annie:  NO I AM NOT!  I am a very serious girl.

I came out with my hair wrapped up in a towel...
Annie:  Mommy!  You look great!
Me:  Wow, really? Thanks.
Annie: Yeah, you look just like the Cat in the Hat!  :)
She then proceed to sing the song...
" Spanish she's a gato in a sombrero!" 

Second week of school.  Prayers answered - she is loving it!

Libby:  When I grow up I want to be an ice cream maker.  If I can't be that, then I'll just be a paleontologist.

Libby: I really love those notes that you put in my lunch box for school.
Me: Oh, good!
Libby: Do you think you could do that for the rest of my life?

Libby: Hey Mommy, Annie and I are changing our names.  She wants to be 'Maria' and I'm changing mine to 'Mafia'.

18 months of handsome
Charlie's newest words:

Auburn! (when he sees the AU emblem)
Drive (his new favorite activity)
Libby (comes out Bibby)
Blue-blue-blues (blueberries)
Yogurt (comes out 'go-gur')
Bite-Bite (wants a bite of someone else's food)
Baby (seeing himself in the mirror)

I could just eat him up!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Girl's Beach Trip

While looking through my summer pictures, I realized that I never posted about our girl's weekend back in June at the beach.  I had such a fun three days with our small group gals in Panama City!
For months we kept threatening to do a trip like this.  I'm so impressed that we pulled it off!  We left all eleven children at home and enjoyed some days in the sun together.

Gabbing with a view!

Dips and sangria by the pool.  So appreciate my parents for allowing us their condo for the weekend.

Amanda is the owner of Signature Stitches and is a talented seamstress and creator of all things cute.  She monogrammed these hats for us.  We may or may not have taken a walk on the beach together in them.   We looked pretty cute.

It felt like a weekend long slumber party!  You're never too old to play makeover.  Trying out some wavy hair compliments of Abbie...

Dinner out at Boatyard!  It was so nice to have a meal without cutting up other people's food or filling up sippy cups.

They even played "Sweet Home Alabama" for us!

My face hurt from all the laughs from the weekend.   We need to remember that trips like this are a necessity sometimes.  It was good for the soul.   
So thankful for these sweet and silly girls!  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Libby's First Day of Kindergarten...the Sequel.

Today was the day!  School is back in session for our eldest.  
Alarms were set, the backpack and lunch were packed and clothes were laid out.
Libby came downstairs this morning fully dressed and ready to go at 6:30 am - an hour before we needed to leave the house.  
Can you tell she was excited?

Our little Lib will be in Kindergarten again this year.  Many people have looked at us like we are crazy when we tell them this but it's a decision that we did not take lightly.   If you've been around me at all this last year, you've probably had the misfortune to have to hear me go on and on about how we were  struggling with this choice.  Mom friends, I've probably asked your opinion at some point or another.  Dusty finally told me that I needed to stop talking about it to everyone we met!

Our girl was the youngest in her class last year.  She only makes the Alabama school grade cut-off date by six weeks.  I can even remember this being something I worried about when I was pregnant with her!  While she kept up great academically and socially with her class last year, Dusty and I felt a prompting to have her repeat this grade so that she will have have more time to be the oldest instead of the youngest.  So many teachers and parents said the same things to us;

"It can only benefit her. "
"You'll never regret doing this, but you may regret not doing it later on."
"Now she will be 18 when she graduates high school!"

Dusty came to the decision a little faster than I did, but now I know it is what is best for her and for our family.  I know it's not for everyone or every kid, but after MUCH prayer, we feel like we've made the right call.

She is attending a small school in town and we are excited about this year for her!  She really didn't know anyone in her class before she started but she had a great day today and is excited to go back tomorrow!  We are already loving the dress code.  Uniforms should make our mornings go much smoother! 

Grams hooked her up with an awesome new backpack and lunch box!  This is the first year that she will be eating lunch at school every day.  She is really excited about that part.  

Sassy girl!  Look out, Kindergarten world!

Mommy lingered in the doorway for a glimpse when we got there this morning...

Early birds...

Good luck Lib!  We know you're going to rock this school year!  We love our big school girl!