Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Boys

I try not to be jealous. 
 I know my baby loves me too...
...but Charlie can't get enough of his Daddy.

These two make my heart melt.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Field Trip on the Prairie

Last week the girls and I attended a field trip with Libby's school to Westville, Georgia.  It is a historic 1850s town and living history museum east of Columbus.  This special place is absolutely charming!  I had never been or heard of it before we went. but upon arriving there, this Little House on the Prairie-lovin' Mama was in heaven!  My mom stayed at home with Charlie, so the girls and I got to have the whole day to explore Westville. 

We walked around and learned about the town's doctor's office, courthouse, blacksmith and other homes.  We watched a basket weaving demonstration...

We climbed the stairs to one of the many old streets of historic houses to find a dress-up room.  Countless dresses and hats to choose from.  Don't they look like Mary and Laura Ingalls? 

Little cobbler shop...

They got to try stamping leather.

Learning about washboards and lye soap. 

A teachable moment about being thankful for our Maytag at home :)

We had to get bonnets to take home!

Some of the kids got to participate in a spelling bee in the old school house.  Libby was the Kindergarten representative and successfully spelled her word!

"Cow.  C-O-W.  Cow."

Learning to sew pin cushions.  This was her favorite part.

Little hands hard at work.

The little seamstress and her pin cushion!  She came home and has made three more since then.  

We took a mule cart ride around the town.  Giddy-up!

We also enjoyed lunch at the restaurant and dined at a table in what used to be the living room.  The girls thought that was so funny.

Fun with old fashioned toys.  Stick and hoop and simple stilts.

Both of the girls have asked when we can go back.  I really enjoyed seeing Libby among her classmates and was very proud of our group.  So many lessons learned all the while having fun.  A great field trip!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

10 on 10 {September}

Ten pictures taken on the tenth of the month!

Now proficient in shoe tying...


"Good morning Bubby!"

Hours of getting ready for big kid's clothing consignment sale.  Rack on left is JUST 3T! Guest room looked like an episode of Hoarders.  Whew! 

Hiding behind his waffle :)

Laundry basket boat.

Plasma car + long hallway = lots of noisy fun.

Decking the halls...another season is upon us!

Sleepy Sisters.


9 Years

One month after our actual anniversary (which lands on Libby's birthday) we snuck down to Orange Beach for a long weekend to celebrate nine years!

So thankful for time to spend with my favorite guy.  It was one of my favorite trips ever.  We came and went as we pleased and soaked up the sun.  Thanks, honey.

We found a great little taco stand serving REAL food!  Some of the best places are attached to gas stations!
A little Old Time Pottery shopping.  There is nothing sexier than a man that will browse stemless wine classes and help me debate over dozens of white plate patterns!

Bourne Legacy!

Reading all day by the pool...

...and star gazing by night!

While we missed our little brood, it helped to get fun text pics from my parents.  I think the kids enjoyed grandparent weekend!

An all around wonderful weekend.  Dusty is so much fun.  Some much needed down time for our anniversary was completely refreshing.  I can't wait to celebrate many more years together!