Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch - Round 2

We trekked out to Lafayette, Alabama with Libby's school for a day at Jack-O-Lantern Lane last week.  This was our third year to visit and we had a blast!  Dusty took the morning off and went with us too.  It has been so neat to meet Libby's schoolmates and their families at field trips like this.

A little train ride!

...and bouncy house fun to boot!

We took a hayride out to the far end of the the farm where the barn and pumpkins were.

Two stalls full of bunnies!  This is always our favorite part.

Dusty showing Charlie that the bunnies aren't scary :)

Off to find our pumpkin!

Checking out the chicken coop.  I tried to explain to the kids that our Easter chicks (remember THIS POST?) look like these guys now.  Not as cute as their fluffy baby form.

Costumes are all ready for tomorrow! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch - Round 1

It's that time of year...pumpkin patch trips!  Last Friday, Annie's preschool class took an unofficial field. We all met up with her sweet teacher at Farmer in the Dell for a hayride, games, an ag lesson and crafts!

On the hunt for their class pumpkin they will carve this week.

A friendly goat ironically named Charlie! 

Waving to the train that passed by...

...listening to how God uses honey bees to grow pumpkins!

A Punkin' Chunker!  I loved that "Modern Family" episode.  This made me think of Cam :)

Annie's class.  A cute bunch.

Since Libby doesn't have school on Fridays, she was able to go with us!

Snack at the patch...

...and a stamped pumpkin craft.

A fun morning!

The following Friday we went with Libby's school to another pumpkin patch nearby.  That's up next!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sister Duet

My girls fight with each other.  We've reached the stage of "She hurt my feelings!" or "I was playing with that magic wand FIRST!" or "She just used an unkind tone!" or "She just hit me then tried to pick my nose!"...ugh.  I remember fussing with my sister when we were young and although we always made up and it was usually quickly forgotten, I'm just now fully realizing the headaches that we probably gave my Mom growing up.  Libby and Annie really are the best of friends and spend hours playing together, so I know it's all part of the close in age sister dynamic.

That's why moments like these are so cherished...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall in the Mountains

We spent last weekend in the mountains!  I loaded up the van with the kids and what seemed like every one of our belongings (including Melanie and Mom) and drove up to Cashiers, North Carolina.  We hadn't been there since Libby was a baby so it was so nice of Mom to take us for a couple days of changing leaves and family time!

Unfortunately, Dusty was in Virginia for a conference so he wasn't able to come with us.  Friday afternoon was a little family reunion with my aunt, uncle and cousins who were also visiting Cashiers for the weekend.  We hadn't all been together in years, so it was wonderful to have all the kids running around and playing together.  We got to celebrate the fourth birthday of sweet twin cousins Autumn and Emma.  

Cashiers has always been a place that my family has loved to visit.  My aunt and uncle rented the Old Tate House which was once owned by my Great-grandfather, Robert Tate.  

The gingerbread front porch was just perfect for a party with cousins, ice cream and cake.  

All 19 Rigdons!  Soon to be 20 at the beginning of next year :)

Mom and aunt Patty spent their summers at this house growing up.  Aren't they cute sisters?!?!

Such sweet time.  There was grilling and bonfire s'mores for all!

The next day we headed out around "town".  The weather was perfect (low 60s) and we first went to the craft fair at Sapphire Valley.  They had a great playground and rows of artsy booths.

The girls got to help sing backup during "Stuck on You".  Wha-O, Wha-O!!!

Next, we went to High Hampton Inn which is a beautiful historic resort.  I have so many memories of going there as a child.  It is charming and rustic and reminds me so much of where Dirty Dancing was set!

One of the lakefront cabins...

The view from the Lodge...

A visit with the High Hampton donkeys.

"Hi Horsies!!!

One of the highlights was seeing all the dahlias that grow like weeds there!  Dahlias must like mountain soil and air because they were everywhere!  They just might be my new favorite flower.

They almost look fake!

One little girl loved posing in front of the mountain...

Another little girl did not...

Attitudes needing adjusting and then all was well.  Such is life when traveling with kids!

Me and my sweet Mama.  Such memories for her here!

We went to the Farmer's Market and had lunch at a Wild Thyme Cafe.

The kids swam in the indoor pool at our hotel that night and we all crashed after a long day!

We went back to High Hampton for breakfast on Sunday morning before we left.  It was delicious and we dined in front of one of the giant fireplaces in the main hotel.  There was thick fog that day but we snapped a couple more pictures.  

Fun with Mimi!

I could cry looking at this picture.  He looks so big.

Rain and carsickness kind of put a damper on our tour through Highlands, NC.  We popped in a couple stores but then made the trek back to Roswell and then back home. Whew!

Thank you Grandmama for a special weekend in a beautiful place!  I hope our kids will have fun memories of these mountains just like we do!

...I need to remember to always have Melanie singing and doing stag leaps behind me when I take pictures of the kids!