Monday, December 31, 2012

A Merry Morning

We had a great Christmas!  It was wonderful to have time together at our home with cold weather and excited kids!

Christmas Eve we made had big lunch then to church.  After a short service, our congregation split into group and we went caroling at local retirement homes.  It was such a fun time and our kids LOVED it. I'm thinking we need to make something like this a new Christmas tradition!

Santa dropped by overnight!  

I think the train table set was a hit...

Happy happy!

All ready to start on her little sewing project she got in her stocking.

The only picture of me from the day.  Baring bed head and Rosacea for everyone to see :)

Dusty was so sweet to give me the new zoom lens that I have had my eye on.  I tried it out on our favorite furry friends in the woods behind our house that afternoon...

It nice not having to travel and just getting to enjoy each other for a couple days.  We made a big breakfast (including fresh squeezed OJ!), watched BRAVE and played with our new toys.

Thankful for my family and the reason we celebrate this day!  It was very merry!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Snow Mountain!  A southern child's dream!  

Stone Mountain Park creates snow days in the winter.  We had heard great things about this special event so we decided to celebrate Annie's fourth birthday there.  We left Charlie with my parents and Dusty and I took the girls for a full day at the park.  Even though we may have picked the COLDEST day of the year, it was SO MUCH FUN!

There were acres of (man made) snow, downhill tubing, snow forts, snowman building, sledding and smores!

A real live snow fort!  I've never seen one in person!  Libby helped with this one.

Pit stop to warm up...

...then back at it.  They must have gone down the "bunny slopes" 100 times.

Our snow guy.

Daddy showing off.

The "ski lift" was a moving sidewalk that took us to the top of the tubing slopes.

Snowball fight!

We are going back in February!  Unfortunately, there was a group that flipped over in one of the family sized tubes the day that we were there.  They were not positioned in the tube the right way and even though I don't think anyone was seriously hurt, they did close that part of the park halfway through the day.  That evening, I received an email with an offer for four complimentary tickets to come back, so we said yes!  

The kids are still talking about their snow day.  It was a really fun way to celebrate our new four year old!  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Annie Fannie Turns Four

The ole blog has been on Christmas vacation.  I've spent the last week cherishing this extra time with my family and the laptop has not made it's nightly appearance.  Soooo, catching up on this busy time of year, I have to rewind to Annie's fourth birthday...

My sweet girl will always have to squeeze her special day in one week before Christmas.  On December 18th, she awoke to some special gifts from us and Grams and Poppa.   

The Fox and the Hound.  Score!

Annie had preschool that day, so we found this "Birthday Girl" button for her to wear.  She thought she was big stuff.  We snapped a few of this crazy gal before she left that morning....

Dusty has started this game with Annie where he'll ask her to do different expressions.  She has always been so animated that he loves to make her do "happy", "sad", "scared", "goofy", etc.  They both crack up over it.

Here she is doing, "Pretend that this is a surprise birthday party!".
Spot on.

Here is her princess cake.  After baking, tinting icing and piping until 10 pm the night before,  I awoke that day to Annie saying, "Remember Mommy, I want a butterfly cake.  NOT a princess cake.".

I think she came around... :)

  That evening we celebrated over pasta at Venditori's (Annie's favorite) then cake at home.

Much love to our "little middle".  Happy Birthday, dear Annie!

In lieu of a party this year, we went to Snow Mountain last week.  More pictures of that to come! It was some serious fun.