Saturday, January 26, 2013

Across an Ocean

And he's off! 
Dusty left today for a week long mission trip to Kenya.

He will be serving with a Christian organization in a variety of ways, including leadership training and church planning.  He has been SO excited! Dusty has felt a prompting to go on a trip like this for a while but we've been having babies every other year for, well, the past six years.  When this opportunity came up, he was eager to take it!

All packed up and ready to go this morning...

Charlie had hoped he would get to go along too.

We all drove Dusty to the airport today.  There were some tears (including some from Mama) as we saw him off.  

Libby melted down big time followed by Annie who needed, "One more kiss and a hug, Daddy?". They were pitiful.

Our children have always had a Daddy who traveled.  We showed them a map of Africa and I think they then realized how far he was going away this time.  

Now we are tracking with him online during his layover and keeping up with his new time zones... 

And sending him pictures like this :) ...

Naturally, I've been a little (or a lot) anxious about my better half being on the other side of the globe while I wrangle these three young'ins at home.    He has traveled internationally as long as I've known him, but somehow this time was harder.  He went to Korea when I was pregnant with Annie and I don't remember being this nervous.  Thankfully, I am going to have lots of help this week and we have some fun stuff planned as well.  I am so grateful.

Libby has been practicing writing out her memory verses lately.  She made her Daddy a going away card last night and I don't think its any coincidence that she included this Scripture for him and his trip...

"MATH-you".  I love it.

We can't wait to hear all about his Kenyan adventures and the relationships that will be formed within his team and the tribe church leaders that he will be working with! I'm thankful for a husband who has said "yes" to what the Lord asked him to do. 
We covet your prayers while he is away!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Zoo Day

We went to the Montgomery Zoo yesterday and had a ball.  This was Charlie's first trip.  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed hanging out in the "wild".  

We started with the not-so-wild, but ever so cute Parakeet Cove.  This is a new exhibit and the kids loved getting to hold and feed the multi-colored birdies.

Charlie kept saying, "Hi Aubie!".

Gooday, Kangas!

One of their favorites was the giraffe encounter.  They got to feed them from a elevated deck that was giraffe height.  Lots of giggles from seeing those tongues up close!

We took a ride around the zoo on the sweet little train.  This is a fun tradition made even more exciting now that we have a train loving boy!

Dusty loved the elk :)

Gearing up for his trip.  He will be there this time next week!

Pouting over wanting more time with the elephants...

Chocolate and the Zoo.  He was beside himself!

We ended our trip with a picnic lunch at the Zoo's playground.  

Thankful for days like this!  Getting to experience everything again through their eyes is such a perk of this parenting gig!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Outing

The weather was beautiful yesterday and we all needed a little fresh air after being cooped up in the house after our family tummy flu.  He headed down to the park in our neighborhood.  You would have thought the kids had never been outside before :)

The wild haired girl!

But it wasn't long before they were acting puny again.  

Baby steps...

January So Far...

A slow start on blogging this calendar year.  It's been a shock to my system to get back to reality.  Here are some of our happenings...

PJ Day!

New year.  New crayons.

Back to school!

Last week Puppy went from happy and playing... sick with the stomach virus.  Yuck.

He shared it with the rest of us and we spent an "eventful" and vomit-filled 24 hours together.  Not my idea of family bonding.

Poor Ariel Dolly was the only one that didn't make it through.  There was just no way of cleaning the vom out of her dreads.  Goodbye, dear friend.  Annie is taking it well.

I had to go in for reinforcements once I stopped retching...

*Note: Target no longer carried Ariel Dollies.

Here's to a happy and HEALTHY 2013!