Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've had a thing for wreaths lately.  As in, making lots and lots of wreaths.  

I think our front door is happier for it too.

I had seen rag wreaths floating around online and they looked so darn cute that Libby and I decided to try our hand.  They proved to be my kind of crafting.  Easy, inexpensive, and fast.  I love instant-gratification when it comes to projects like this.  I loosely followed THIS TUTORIAL.  Basically, it's tying strips of fabric onto a wire wreath form.  Pretty cinchy?

Libby was able to make a rag wreath all by herself!  We went to Hobby Lobby and she carefully selected her fabric colors and then came home and got to work.

I tried to explain "shabby chic" to her, but she insisted that she was going to stick to the pattern that she had started.  When she missed a color, she got frustrated and started untying the strips of fabric.  

Me: "Libby, it doesn't have to be perfect.  No one is going to know."

Libby: "Well, I will know."

Who's child is this?

Once we got on a roll, we decided to pull out some burlap that was left over from a Christmas project and made this for Grandmama for her birthday...

....and another gift for a friend...

...and maybe a spring-y version for Easter?

We may have gotten carried away, but they were fun and a great way to use up scraps from my sewing box.

All this wreath mania started when I made a couple of balloon wreaths for Charlie's birthday.  These made me so happy!  I found instructions HERE and, like the rag wreaths,  these are super easy and fast to complete.  I made one large one for our front door and a smaller one that I hung on a mirror inside for his party.

You'll need a straw wreath form, floral pins and lots of balloons.  That's it!

I plan to display these anytime anyone has a birthday.  At our house, that seems to be all the time!

We now successfully have more wreaths than we do doors, but it will be neat to change them out on a whim.  All of our laundry and dishes may not be done, but we WILL have a wreath out front to welcome the seasons!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tea for Three

What a way to celebrate a birthday than a proper English tea!  My mom, sister and I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon together at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead on Sunday afternoon.  There is no way to write that out without sounding indulgent, but it really was fabulous!  They serve a traditional tea service in the afternoons and since all of our birthdays are within a month of each other, it was a perfect and memorable way to celebrate.

I tried to mind my manners and not geek out and take pictures of everything, but I couldn't help it and snapped some of our goodies when no one was looking.  

High tea is such an experience.  There were special touches everywhere, from the intricate Wedgewood china to the silver lemon "squeezer".  Mom and I chose an orange jasmine tea and Melanie sipped on a Himalayan blend.  One lump or two?

Our first course was a yummy array of tea sandwiches topped with yummy delicacies. Shrimp salad, canapes and caviar.  Delish.  

Our second course was a tower of sweet treats.  Citrus shortbread, raspberry tarts, warm scones with clotted cream (a first for me!) and other special mini desserts.  Oh my goodness.

We had the best time just relaxing and chatting, having a debrief on season 3 of Downton Abbey, and laughing louder than you're probably supposed to in such a fine establishment.

A pianist played in the corner of the dining room and the full circle moment happened when we heard the familiar Downton theme song being played while we sipped our tea like "Ladyships".

Thank you to my precious Mama for treating us to such a fantastic experience.  It was so special!

We spent a little shopping time at Lennox Square before and after our tea party.  Mom had never been to Anthropologie so we enlightened her in the place for all things whimsical and charming...

My two year search for new dishes ended while we were there!  We've been down to seven dinner plates of our pattern that we got when we were married, so it was time to bite the bullet.   I loved these instantly and were so excited to bring them home.  They are called "Fleur de Lis".  


Thank you to my husband as well.  Y'all, I was so proud of him.  He took the kids to church, took them out to lunch, then played t-ball in the backyard until the sun went down.  Sometimes it annoys me how he makes it look easy.  

It was a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back Pain, Beef, Bangs and More...

...those are not the only themes of this week, but the alliteration was just too perfect not to use :)

I've strained my back and officially now feel like an old lady.  The kids and I were eating our lunch on the deck on Monday and I went to move the patio umbrella and wrenched it just the right way.  I've been putting ice on it during Charlie's nap time and in the evening, but I'm still a little crooked.  Prayers that I "straighten up"!  

The girls have taken advantage of my down time and I've found all sorts of Andy Warhol creations on my laptop...

Anything to get a little peace and quiet.

Even though it's been a little chilly this week, we've taken advantage of the sunshine after days and days of rain.  I love to watch them just be kids and enjoy the park and our backyard.  It's so easy to forget that kids don't need lots of stuff to be happy - just a wide open space to run around!

These two have gotten brave on the swings lately...

No Photoshop needed on those baby blues, I promise!

In other news, we bought 1/4 of a grass-fed cow.  In support of our effort to eat more "cleanly", we went in with three other families to purchase an organic cow from a farm in Dallas, GA.  We never saw his face (or knew his name) but he was neatly processed and arrived ready for our freezer!  So far we've enjoyed some delicious Vegetable Beef Soup and some tasty hamburgers.  Moo! 

And here are some iPhone pics that were too fun not to share!

Hobby Lobby sword fight in jammies...

Ash Wednesday!

Libby and Kit in their matching nightgowns...

In awe...

Finally, (not pictured) I got bangs!  Not full on Michelle Obama bangs, but bangs none the less.  The jury is still out but Annie said that I look, "like a different Mama".  Ha!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Balentines" Day

Love is in the air this week!  The kids have been so excited about "Balentines" Day and their parties and events at school.

We went with Cuties this year!  A very easy idea from Pinterest. Both girls signed their names on the back of tags.

Annie's class celebrated on Tuesday and exchanged valentines, performed a song spelling out H-E-A-R-T to the tune of Bingo for all us Mommys and shared a special snack.

Super cute cupids!

Can you tell it was a humid day?

CW was ever so happy to be included as one of the big kids!

A gift from her teacher - so thoughtful.

The next day, we got to go on a field trip with Libby's class to a local retirement home.  They performed some songs and passed out Valentine cards that they had made for the residents.

Charlie charming the audience too :)

Today we went to a Valentine's party in Libby's class.  

Each student had written a page of why they think their classmates were special.  They got to stand up and read each one in the front of the class.  It was so cute to see their smiles and giggles hearing why their friends thought they are special!

Thankfully no one seemed to mind the rowdy little bear in the corner...

I love getting to see the girls in action at school.  They both are still at the age where their eyes light up when Dusty or I ever come visit their classrooms.  I'm sure that doesn't last forever!

When Dusty got home this evening, we gave the kids their valentine surprises - "Cat in the Hat" and "Willy Wonka" DVDs for the girls and a Matchbox car (of course!) for Charlie.  He also brought home a bottle of champagne for us to enjoy while we watched some DVR tonight.

Thankful for my three little loves and my main man.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Vroom Vroom!

My baby boy is now a two year old.  Gulp.

We honored our birthday boy on Saturday with a little car party at our house.  We were so glad that grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins could come have lunch and celebrate our car lovin' boy!  

The weather was perfect on Saturday which was Charlie's actual birthday day. Some friends of ours let us borrow their inflatable bouncy house for the kids to play in.  Who would have thought that on February 9th, we could hang out on the deck in the sun while the kids ran around the backyard barefoot!

Even Grams joined in the bouncy fun :)

The day before the party, Charlie would hear the oven timer go off and run to me asking, "Car cake ready, Mama?".  The anticipation was almost too much for him. 

Vroom Vroom!

So excited! This was taken just moments before he accidentally stuck his fingers into the "tire".

Ready to sing!

"Happy birthday, dear Charlie..."

A birthday smooch from Sissy.

Party people!  So thankful that our family could all spend time together.

Birthday goodies...

Uncle Marty found the best gift of all on our swing set!

Brave Cousin Maggie!

Charlie handed out some early Valentines to his guests...

Curly-Q Mabry...

Thomas! This choo-choo has barely left his sight since Saturday.

ROARRR! Dollar aisle dinos were a hit!

Lots of books about things that go.

I asked Charlie that day:
"Are you a big boy now or are you still a baby?"

He replied:
"I a Car-wee baby!". (Charlie baby)

Of course you are, sweet man!  

He was one happy boy after a day of fun.  It was a joy to celebrate our little guy.  I went to bed that night with a full and thankful heart.

Happy Birthday, Charlie!  You are so loved.