Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prayer...on a Stick

 I had seen this idea on Pinterest months ago for a bucket of "prayer sticks".  This was our kind of craft.  Simple supplies and not too much supervision.  Sometimes craft time can end in tears when little ones get frustrated which totally defeats any kind of organized activity.  This was actually easy and fun!

We found this bag of big popsicle sticks at Walmart and used Libby's  markers to write a name, group or virtue on each stick.  At bedtime, they close their eyes, choose a stick out of the bucket (not pictured) and they can pray for what/who is on their stick.  

These two couldn't sit still but would call out suggestions as Libby and I wrote them down...

Libby carefully listed family members, our church, our schools, friends, "polis" (police), patience, good attitudes and so on...

"Thank you, Jesus, for firetrucks!",  says little brother.

At bedtime, Dusty and I usually ask them if there is anything they would like to pray about.  We are usually answered with a shrug, but then they always seen to remember as we are turning out the light!  Of course, we want our kids to pray as they feel led, but this is a fun little activity that may help remind them of things to talk to God about.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend at Home

Our Memorial Day weekend was one of the best I can remember.  We had no plans and sometimes that's the best kind of plan to have.  We had anticipated tending to Charlie after his surgery, but since he was quickly on the mend, we were able to enjoy a few days of sun, fun and Daddy being at home.  We went to our neighborhood pool, ate BLTs for dinner, played outside and only left the house to go to church and to Home Depot.  With the extra days off, Dusty and I decided to finally (after 4 years) plant shrubs in our backyard. Our sweet neighbor also put lattice under our deck and I love the way it turned out!  On Memorial Day, we had our neighbors over and grilled out and enjoyed our "new" deck!  

A look at our weekend...

Charlie got a little golf club after his procedure and he is now officially obsessed!  He has begged to hit golf balls each day and, to his Daddy's delight, is swinging left-handed!  

These pictures crack me up...

Happy Memorial Day!

Our Little {Out}-Patient

So, Charlie has kept our kid's ENT procedure streak going by having his adenoids removed last Friday.  He also had his second set of ear tubes put in.  His first set, placed when he was nine months,  had fallen out and he has had multiple ear infections in a row lately.  

Dusty worked from home that day and kept the girls and I took Charlie to the out-patient surgery center at the hospital.  Libby and Annie have had these procedures, so this was actually our fourth time all together going through this process.  I knew what to expect but anytime my babies have to be under anesthesia, I get a bit nervous.

We checked in, changed Charlie into his teeny teddy bear hospital gown and sat in our pre-op curtain area.  I had bought him three new Matchbox cars and rationed those out as we waited.

Look at those sweet baby toes...

Opens in the back :)

When it was time for the nurses to take him back, he cried for his Mommy.  They had to peel him off of me but they let him take his cars into the OR with him.  They also put him to sleep before they started his IV which made me feel better. 

The procedure was really quick.  By the time I ate my KIND Bar and checked my email, the surgeon called me into the conference room and said that Charlie did great!  As expected, our boy had HUGE obstructive adenoids (just like his sisters did) and he had a lot of fluid behind one of his ears.

I was able to hold him in the recovery room for about an hour.  He was NOT happy.  He cried and was restless for most of that time.  He wanted that IV out of his hand and actually ripped off the bandages that held in on.  At one point it took myself and two nurses to hold him down.  When he "came to" and was able to drink something, we were discharged.  

They sent us home with ear drops, a balloon, and instructions to keep an eye on him for 24 hours and let him rest.  The ride home was fun...

When we got home, I set him up on the sofa with a drink and some Sesame Street.  He stayed in this position for approximately ten minutes.  

Then he was wide open for the rest of the day...

Charlie also chose that afternoon to start going to the potty!  Knowing his procedure was coming up, I had put off potty training even though he was showing signs of being ready.   It actually ended up being a good time to start the process since we had planned on staying close to home as he "recovered".  Looks like he isn't skipping a beat!  

P.S. Little boy underwear may just be the cutest things I've ever seen.  Ever.