Saturday, July 27, 2013

Slumber Party Animals!

We had a first at our house last Thursday night.  A rite of passage for every little girl...

Libby had a her very first slumber party.

Our girl turned seven yesterday and she had been begging for a sleepover party.  

It really was so much fun.  She invited a few girls to have dinner and spend the night.  This group was giddy and VERY giggly when they arrived.  It was the first slumber party for most of them as well.

Libby planned our dinner menu.  Dusty picked up Zaxby's chicken fingers on his way home that afternoon.  We also had fruit salad, dill potato chips (her favorite), veggies and hummus dip and lemonade per the birthday girl's request.

Banner via Pinterest and our ink jet printer.  Super simple!  

Then it was on to craft time.  Each of the girls decorated and bedazzled a tote bag and made felt flower headbands.  

Stamps, buttons and gemstones...

This was very serious work!

Modeling their headband creations...

The boys opted to escape to watch "Cars 2" by themselves..

On to opening gifts...

American Girl movies and Junie B. books wowed the group...

Ready to sing to the birthday girl.  Libby asked for a raspberry cheesecake this year.

Poor Charlie was just glad that the girls allowed him to join them for ice cream...

The girls played for a while and then put their pajamas on.  We headed outside to watch a movie that Dusty had set up in the driveway.  A $1 pack of glow bracelets may have been the hit of the party.  I always forget that its usually the little things (and inexpensive things!) that kids of any age enjoy the most!

Mary Poppins and popcorn made for fun under the stars!

Dusty borrowed a projector from work and played the DVD through his laptop.  We used our garage door as the "screen".  

These little girls stayed up til after 11:00!  We went upstairs to say goodnight and found them all gathered in a circle whispering about their funniest and most embarrassing moments!  I told Dusty that I totally remembered doing the same thing with my friends at sleepovers growing up!  I'm guessing boys don't include such rituals? Ha!  

Some seemed sleepy, but my wild Annie was so excited to be a part of the action that she was keeping them up.  We finally got them all settled into their sleeping bags and we didn't hear from them until 7:00 the next day.

Blueberry muffins, manicures and more giggles was the order of the morning...

Playing restaurant...

Slumber party success!  Our neighbor Leah's grandparents were visiting so she walked back home before bedtime that night.  I think they all had a good time and got along really well!  As far as I know there was no drama, tears or homesickness, so I chalk that up as a win!  It was fun for Dusty and me to watch Libby experience this very important girl milestone.  They actually let us hang out with them a little bit...probably only because we were the keepers of snacks and nail polish.  But we'll take what we can get :)

Happy 7th birthday to our sweet Libby Lou!

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Star is Born

Libby went to Summer Show-Offs Camp last week and girlfriend HAD A BLAST. This was her first time attending this show choir camp and it was awesome! On the last day, they had a big production to perform all the musical numbers that they had learned.  

The first and second graders opened the show, singing and dancing.  Dusty, the little kids and I loved watching her on stage!

Performing the "Backpack Boogie"...

The Scooby Doo theme song!

Each child in the camp got to perform a solo in the show.  Libby sang a part in "Jesus Knows Me".  Dusty and I teared up watching our big girl sing on a stage by herself in front of 500 people!

She was so confident and composed!

She already knew several of the other kids in the camp from school, church or dance classes, so it was fun for her to get to perform alongside her friends.

 Hooray for our star!

Libby adored her sweet counselor, Mia.  What a cute talented young lady! She did a great job teaching Libby's age group.

Libby is already asking if she can do Summer Show-Offs again next summer!  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Still here!

I do so love my little corner of the world wide web.  Though, you probably couldn't tell, as I have neglected my little blogster for almost a month.  Tisk tisk!  We've been trying to live it up this summer and make the most of our break.  And by live it up, I mean try to keep three young children entertained all day every day.  Most days are really fun.  Some, not so fun.  Just being real.  

Honestly, we've been pretty busy.  We have traveled to see family, the girls have done some day camps, we've gone to the pool as much as possible, Dusty has traveled a TON for work, we attended Camp Cornerstone (our church's version of VBS), Dusty and I went on an early anniversary beach trip, we've plugged along with potty training Charlie,  I stepped on glass and got an awful cut on my foot that required several steri-strips to glue it back together (gross), we've picked gallons of blueberries, we've played with friends, and simply spent time at home together.  

Being a home-body, that last part has been my favorite :) 

So, how about just a bunch of photos?  I'm afraid if I narrate, my stream of consciousness may not make much sense.  My brain is on summer break too! 

Lastly, we are gearing up for this little gal to turn seven at the end of the week!  Eek!  

Will be back soon!