Thursday, January 2, 2014

Annie's Pony Party

 Annie is now FIVE years old!  I can't believe it!

When you're born a week before Christmas and you're a middle child and you ask for a pony party to celebrate a major birthday... your parents will indulge you and rent a pony to come to your house.

How could we say no to this sweet face?

Since December is such a busy month, we chose to have her party after preschool on a Friday.  The girls from her class came over for a pizza lunch and pony rides!

Annie atop "Tiff" the pony.  He was a bit bigger than I thought he was going to be.   Annie was all smiles the whole time she got to ride!  His owner led him around our yard and he munched on our dead winter grass in between riders.

For the other kids waiting their turn, the horse's owner had also brought a crate with a rabbit and three baby bunnies!  They were such a hit with the kids and I'm happy to report that all the bunnies survived the cuddles and hugs they received from our eager guests.

This guest in particular...

I think Mimi might have fallen in love...

My sweet sister took an extended lunch break and drove 1.5 hours to come to our little party. 
 She's the best.

And since Libby's Christmas break from school started at the beginning of December, she was able to join in the fun!

The weather that afternoon was perfect!  I was probably a little crazy to plan an outside birthday party in December, but it was a pretty day and the kids were able to run around play!

All the little phillies (plus Charlie and Mr. Pat)

Everyone went home with some chocolate and ribbon elastic PONYtail holders...

Pony cake, of course!

Grandmama gave Annie the American Girl doll that she had been dreaming of! Meet Caroline. Annie loves her dearly.  

So proud of our five year old!  Annie has matured so much in the last few months.  I guess since she has always been the little sister, I have a hard time thinking of her as a big girl.  What a funny, expressive and sensitive addition she is to our family.

Happy Birthday, Annie Girl!

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