Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Merry Little Christmas

I didn't take a ton of pictures this Christmas.  Most of these are (not great) iPhone pictures.  We were pretty busy for the first few weeks of the month, and then the week of Christmas we stayed home, mostly in our jammies, and enjoyed each other.  Dusty was off of work for the last two weeks of the year for the most part, so it was SOOOO nice to have him all to ourselves.  We watched lots of movies, cooked yummy breakfasts and played board games.  It was very merry!

Here's a look at our season...

Charlie's preschool class.  Cookie decorating!

Breakfast with Santa...

Our Small Group Christmas gathering.  Chili and packing boxes for the Food Bank...

Weekend in Roswell with my family before much fun.

Christmas candlelight service at our church.  Such a sweet and special evening it was.  Our finished start lit by His people...

Christmas morning!

Celebrating with the Garnetts the weekend after Christmas.  Grams and Poppa also celebrated 40 years of marriage!

We had a beautiful Christmas season.  One of the best I can remember, really.  
So much to be thankful for!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Annie's Pony Party

 Annie is now FIVE years old!  I can't believe it!

When you're born a week before Christmas and you're a middle child and you ask for a pony party to celebrate a major birthday... your parents will indulge you and rent a pony to come to your house.

How could we say no to this sweet face?

Since December is such a busy month, we chose to have her party after preschool on a Friday.  The girls from her class came over for a pizza lunch and pony rides!

Annie atop "Tiff" the pony.  He was a bit bigger than I thought he was going to be.   Annie was all smiles the whole time she got to ride!  His owner led him around our yard and he munched on our dead winter grass in between riders.

For the other kids waiting their turn, the horse's owner had also brought a crate with a rabbit and three baby bunnies!  They were such a hit with the kids and I'm happy to report that all the bunnies survived the cuddles and hugs they received from our eager guests.

This guest in particular...

I think Mimi might have fallen in love...

My sweet sister took an extended lunch break and drove 1.5 hours to come to our little party. 
 She's the best.

And since Libby's Christmas break from school started at the beginning of December, she was able to join in the fun!

The weather that afternoon was perfect!  I was probably a little crazy to plan an outside birthday party in December, but it was a pretty day and the kids were able to run around play!

All the little phillies (plus Charlie and Mr. Pat)

Everyone went home with some chocolate and ribbon elastic PONYtail holders...

Pony cake, of course!

Grandmama gave Annie the American Girl doll that she had been dreaming of! Meet Caroline. Annie loves her dearly.  

So proud of our five year old!  Annie has matured so much in the last few months.  I guess since she has always been the little sister, I have a hard time thinking of her as a big girl.  What a funny, expressive and sensitive addition she is to our family.

Happy Birthday, Annie Girl!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm still here!  

I have had every intention of keeping this blog up as a personal journal of our family. 
I love it.  
I truly do.  
I went back and read it a few nights ago, got a little teary and then made the New Year's resolution to start back.  The problem was that the longer I went without updating, the more overwhelmed I became.  So I will simply start back in January.  For the sake of catching up, I'll include some of my favorite moments of this fall.  We had a very busy season.  School, dance classes, church, mounds of laundry, a beach trip, a busy traveling Daddy and some online classes for Mommy.  Blessings abound and life is full these days.

Here's what we've been up to...

Charlie started preschool in August for the first time!  He absolutely loves "Baby School"(as he calls it) and asks to go every day, even though he just attends two mornings a week.  

Annie started at her new preschool and is doing so well!  She already can write her name and has learned a lot.  She has a sweet class and has made several new friends.  

This was the first time ever that I've had all three in some sort of school at the same time.  Those 6 hours a week are glorious :)

We went to the beach a couple of times this fall, thanks to our parents who always open their condos to us.  Fall at the beach is my favorite!

This little stinker suddenly revolted against our potty training efforts in August. He told me, "I'm not going to go on the potty...ever".  Really, that's what he said!  Somewhere around the beginning of September, I threw in the towel because we were cleaning up accidents ten times a day and just sitting him on the potty would end in tears.  We will start back soon and hopefully he can get the hang of it quickly.

Our Auburn tigers have put on quite a show this season and we enjoyed tailgating and celebrating a miraculous season.  War Eagle!

We went on several field trips...

Halloween 2013!

Annie's Class had a costume parade!

And since we live in Alabama, we were able to play outside barefoot until about the middle of November...



...a great dinner in Roswell with my family!

The girls both had demonstration days at their dance studio.  Charlie and I loved getting to see them show off all they have learned this semester...

Libby's school put on a beautiful Christmas program.  They sung traditional Christmas hymns and the first graders performed with hand bells.  We had hot chocolate and desserts afterward all together.  A lovely evening!

A visit and photo shoot with our sweet Garnett cousins!

We had a precious Christmas season and also celebrated our Annie Kate's 5th birthday!  Those deserve their own post so that will follow shortly.  I am so grateful for a happy and healthy year.  God has shown me my desperate need for Him this year.  He has revealed time and again that this world is not our home and that the things that truly matter are those that will have eternal significance.  My prayer for this New Year is to focus on those things and not sweat the small stuff.  His mercies are new every morning and for that I am so grateful.  

Happy New Year!